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Haemophilus influenza

(1) gram stain
(2) shape
(1) gram-neg
(2) coccobacilli
Haemophilus influenza:
Common structures shared with other gram-neg bacilli (4)
(1) Pili
(2) LOS -> tissue damage, inflamm response
(3) Outer memb proteins
(4) Capsule (type b PRP vs. unencapsulated)
Haemophilus influenza:
Growth requirements (3)
(1) X factor = hemin
(2) V factor = NAD
(3) CO2 (favorable, not required)
Haemophilus influenza type b (HITB)

(1) Is it virulent?
(2) What infection can it cause?
(3) Pathways to this infection
(1) yes virulent
(2) meningitis
(3) hematogenous, or direct via CNS
Nontypable Haemophilus influenza

(1) Is it virulent?
(2) Prevalence in adults
(1) not virulent; colonizes many people
(2) 25% healthy, 50% chronic bronchitis
Haemophilus parainfluenza:
Is it virulent?
No, and even less so than NTHI
Haemophilus influenza biogroup aegyptius:
Is it virulent?
Yes, virulent b/c plasmid + part of type b genome
Haemophilus ducreyi

(1) How does it penetrate?
(2) What does it cause?
(1) breaks in skin
(2) venereal chancre
Haemophilus influenza type b (HITB):
Diseases (5)
(1) septic arthritis
(2) meningitis
(3) bacteremia
(4) epiglottitis
(5) cellulitis
Nontypable Haemophilus influenza (HTHI):
Diseases (6)
"TONs of PMS"
(1) tracheobronchitis
(2) otitis media
(3) newborn sepsis, puerperal fever
(4) pneumonia
(5) meningitis
(6) sinusitis
Haemophilus parainfluenza:
Diseases (2 common, 2 rare)
(1) bronchitis
(2) sinusitis
(3) pneumonia (rare)
(4) endocarditis (very rare)
Haemophilus influenza aegyptius:
(1) Brazilian hemorrhagic fever
(2) Conjunctivitis
(3) Bronchopneumonia
(4) Sepsis, shock
(5) DIC
Haemophilus ducreyi:
Diseases (2 features)
(1) Chancroid: painful venereal ulcer
(2) Enlarged local lymph nodes
Haemophilus influenza type b:
Host response
* Antibody to PRP capsule -> phagocytosis
* Antibodies to LOS -> bactericidal
Nontypable Haemophilus influenza:
Host response
* Children w/ otitis lack IgG at first, but develop it
* Normal adults have antibody
Moraxella catarrhalis:
(1) Human reservoir
(2) Resistance
(3) Vaccine
(4) Pathogenesis
(1) nasopharynx
(2) make B-lactamase
(3) none available
(4) not very virulent
Moraxella catarrhalis:
Diseases (4)
(1) tracheobronchitis
(2) otitis media
(3) acute sinusitis
(4) pneumonia