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What is supine?
lying face up (recumbent)
What is prone?
Lying face down
What is the sagittal plane?
aka midclavicular plane; separates body into left/rt parts
What is the transverse(axial) plane?
aka transumbilical plane; separates body into superior and inferior portions
What is the coronal (frontal) plane?
aka midaxillary plane; separates body into anterior and posterior parts
What is the difference between superior and inferior?
Superior is towards head (aka rostral or cranial) whereas inferior towards feet (caudal)
What is the diff. btw. anterior and posterior?
anterior is ventral (front of body) while posterior is dorsal (back of body)
What is diff. btw. superficial and deep?
superficial more external close to surface while deep more internal away from surface
What is diff. proximal and distal?
proximal is close to pt of origin while distal is away from pt of origin
What is flexion vs. extension?
Flex is like bending, decreasing angle btw. two body parts while extension is straightening where increase angle btw. two body parts
what is abduction vs adduction?
Abduction moving away from midline; adduction moving towards midline
what is medial/lateral rotation?
medial rotation when rotate internally; lateral rotate externally
what is elevation vs. depression?
elevation when move body part superiorly (up) whereas depression when move body part inferiorly (down)
what is pronation vs supination?
pronation move so see back of hand whereas supination move so can see palm of hand
what is dorsiflexion vs plantarflexion?
dorsiflexion when move foot up plantarflexion when stretch it down