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major infection caused by Hib
meningitis, epiglottitis, pneumonia, otitis media, cellulitis

note: meningitis and epiglottitis are medical emergencies
major infection caused by pertusses
whooping cough
less common effet of Hib
arthritis and osteomyelitis
less ocmmon effect of b. pertussis
reservoir for Hib vs. b. pertussus
transmission of hib vs. pertusses
Mophology of Hib vs. Pertusses
Gm - coccobaccili
growth factors for Hib
X (hemin) and V (nad)
growth factors fo B. pertussis
Bordet-Gensou (glycerol, startch, blood)
fresh blood!!!
metabolic needs of Hib vs. Pertusses
faculatative anaerobe and strict aerobe
carriers of the unencapsulated strain of Hib
30-50% of children
does Hib type be have exotoxin
four outcomes of Hib type B infection
1. cellulitis to face, pyarthrosis to joints
2. nasopharyngisits, otisits media (initial onset)
3. epiglottitis
4. Bacteremia - meningitis
the two outcomes of type B hib which are life threateneing
epiglottis and meningitis
agar to grow Hib type B
chocolate agar

does not grow on fresh agar - the mild heating for chocolate agar releases X and V from red blood cells
Hib type B might form what kind of colonies if in the presense of othe bacteria
satellit colonies - the other bacteria cal lyse RBCs and release hemin (factor X)
how many serotypes does type B Hib have
Quelling reaction is used to
identify capsue - e.g for Hib type B
what purpose does the Hib type B capsule serve
used to be the most common cuase of bacterial meningitis
Hib type B
diagnosis of Hib type B
1. history and age
2. blood/CSF
3. chocolate agar w/ co2
4. demonstration of need for X and V
5. type B capsular Ag in CSF by immunofluorescence or immunoelectrophoresis
6. latex agglutinanins
treatment of meningitis caused by Hib type B
ampicillan, third generation cephalosporins, augmentin (for ampicillin resistant strains)
prophylaxis for contact Hib type B
rifampin, single dose of ciprofloxacin
non-typeable H. influenzae cause what
otitis media in kids
peritrichous pili
in non-typeable Hi helps organism adhere to respiratory mucous
vaccine for non-typeable Hi

no vaccine for non-typeable but there is a vaccine for typeable - linked with the diptheria toxiod
variation in what leades to very little immunity in non-typable Hi strains
OM proteins
two growth factors, both present in blood which is needed by typeable (encapsulated) H.Influenzae
X (heat statble) and V (heat labile)
3 routes of pathogenesis of non-typeable Hi1
1. macropinocytosis
2. paracytosis
3. LPS bindign to Paf
what is paracytosis
can pass between cells to invade sub epith space
treatment of otitis media caused by non-typeable Hi
amoxicillin or augmenten
treatment for meningitis caused by non-typeable Hi
ampicillin and chloramphenicl or 3rd generation cephalosporins
profalaxis for Hib - nontypeable
a haemophilus pathogen which is a STD and causes chancroid (ragged ulcer on genetils)
D. ducreyi
a haemophilus pathogen that causes purulent conjunctivitis in hot clines and is called koch-weeks bacillus
H. aegypticus
a haemophilus pathogen which causes pharyngitis and bacterial endocarditis
H. parainfluenzae
four colonization factors for bordetella pertussis
1. pilli - attaches res. cilia
2. FHA - hemagglutinin -
3. pertactin
4. tracheal colonization factor
what catarrhal stage in pertussis is marked by
mild respiratory symptoms
the paroxysmal stage is marked by what
acute inflammation of trachea, bronchi, bronchioles and paroxysnal cough (1-4 wks)
toxin which works by ADP ribosylating a G protein which normally inhibits adenylate cyclase. this disinhibitis adenylate cyclase and increase camp activity
pertussis toxin

compare w/ cholera toxin which also results in an increase in cAMP
impairs leukocyte function and causes cell death by increase adenylate cyclase
calmodulin stimulated adenylate cyclase
pertussis causes what symptoms
lympohcytosis, sensitization to histimine and increase insulin secretion
pertussis toxin which causes vascular sm muscle contraction and ischemic necosis of lung tissue
dermonectoric toxin - (mouse lethal, toxin, health labile)
inhibits DNA synthesis and kills trachael epithelial cells (ciliostatis)
Tracheal cytotoxin secreted by B. pertusis
Bordetella pertussis
needs for growing
gm -
needs fresh blood media
is aerobic
immunity against B. pertussis
passive is not adequate - ab after several weeks of cough
diagnosis of B. pertussis
1. isolation by nasopharyngeal swab
2. gram stain
3. direct fluorescent labeled Ab test
treatment for B. pertussis
erythromycin - not penicillin or ampicillin