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There ______ be a hoist operator in the cabin if a swimmer is deployed?
Rescue hook may be lowered from the stowed position as long as _________ ________ is maintained with the hoist hook.
Physical control
In the event of loss of visual contact with swimmer, the hoist operator shall cycle what?
The rescue light
When picking up cargo how high should the helo hover above the load?
20-40 feet
What color lensed flashlight shall be used for night time HIFR?
When should HIFR fuses be replaced?
Every 10,000 lbs, or after every HIFR flight.
What is the speed of the transducer when lowereing?
16fps normal
6fps slow
What is the speed of a Breeze Eastern hoist?
Normal 0-215fpm
Back-up 85fpm
Pilot/Co-Pilot 100fpm
How many hours do you have to complete an Open book NATOPS test?
5 working days.
How many hours do you have to complete a Closed book NATOPS test?
3 hours.
When raising the dome, at what depth will the >10 light on the dome control extinguish?
Approx 130' cable pay out