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Define gynecology
The branch of medicine that deals with the health maintenance and the diseases of women, primarily the reproductive organs.
Define obstetrics
The branch of medicine that deals with the care of women throughout pregnancy
What are the two most common emergency gynecological complaints?
Abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding
Define dysmenorrhea
Painful menstruation
Define dyspareunia
Painful sexual intercourse
LMP should always be documented for what type of pts?
Female pts of child bearing age
True or false: Any pt of reproductive age who still has her uterus should be considered to be pregnant until proven otherwise.
Should an internal vaginal exam be performed in the field?
No. If serious bleeding is reported or evident, it may be necessary to inspect the pts perineum. The color, character, amount, and the presence of absence of clots should be noted and documented, but an internal vaginal exam should not be performed.
General management of gynecological emergencies is focused on what?
Supportive care
If bleeding is present, should the vagina be packed with dressings to stop the bleeding?
No. Tampons to absorb the blood also should not be encouraged
Define PID
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. An acute infection of the reproductive organs that can be caused by bacteria, virus, or fungus.
What are the 3 most commonly involved with PID?
Fallopian tubes
Who are most likely to be infected with PID?
Sexually active women between the ages of 15 and 24.
What are the two most common causes of PID?
Gonorrhea and chlamydia
What are some predisposing factors for PID?
Hx of PID
Multiple sexual partners
Recent gynecological procedure
True or false: PID is a major risk factor for pelvic adhesions.
True. PID can cause the pelvic organs to "stick together."
What is the general presentation for pts with PID?
Diffuse lower abdominal pain that is moderate to severe, Pain may increase during intercourse, Walk with a shiffling gait, Fever, Chills, n/v, Sepsis, Foul smelling vaginal discharge that is yellowish, Irregular menses, Mid-cycle bleeding
Define cystitis
Infection of the urinary bladder
Define dysuria
Painful urination often associated with cystitis
Define mittelschmerz
Mid-cycle abdominal pain associated with ovulation
Define endometritis
Infection of the endometrium
Define miscarriage
Commonly used term to describe a pregnancy that ends before 20 weeks gestation. Also called spontaneous abortion.
Define endometriosis
Condition in which endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus
In endometriosis, where is the tissue most commonly found?
In the abdomen and pelvis, but has been found virtually everywhere in the body, including the lungs and CNS.
Define ectopic pregnancy
The implantation of a developing fetus outside the uterus
What is the most common site of an ectopic pregnancy?
The fallopian tubes
True or false: Ectopic pregnancies are painful, but not a life threatening emergency.
False. This is a surgical emergency because the tube can rupture, causing massive hemorrhage.
Endometritis is and occasional complication of what?
What is the common presentation of a pt with ovarian cysts?
Moderate to sever unilateral abdominal pain that may radiate to the back, Hx of dyspareunia, irregular bleeding, delayed menstrual period, vaginal bleeding. May have been involved in physical activity or intercourse (may cause rupture).
How will a typical pt with mittelschmerz present?
Unilateral lower quadrant pain that is usually self-limited, mid-cycle spotting, fever
What is the treatment for mittelschmerz?
How will a typical pt with cystitis present?
Frequent urination, pain or burning with urination (dysuria), a low-grade fever, occasionally blood-tinged urine
What are common s/s of endometritis?
Mild to severe lower abdominal pain, a bloody, foul-smelling discharge, fever. Onset us usually 48-72 hours after a gynecological procedure or miscarriage
Endometritis mimics the presentation of what disease?
How will the typical ectopic pregnancy pt present?
Severe unilateral abdominal pain which may radiate to the shoulder on the affected side, a late or missed period, occasionally vaginal bleeding
What is the general treatment for abdominal pain?
Make the pt comfortable
O2 and IV if inidcated
Define menorrhagia
Excessive menstrual flow
What is the most common cause of nontraumatic vaginal bleeding?
Miscarriage (spontaneous abortion)
What is the treatment for vaginal bleeding?
Absorb blood flow, but do not pack vagina
Initiate O2 therapy and IV access based on the pts condition
What is the treatment for injuries to the external genetalia?
Direct pressure over the laceration or a cold pack applied to the hematoma. Watch for and treat s/s of shock
Should the external genetalia be examined in the field of the pt is a victim of sexual assault?
Not unless there is a life-threatening hemorrhage
What are the two most important elements of care for a victim of sexual assault?
Psychological and emotional support
What are some general guidelines for preserving evidence in the case of a sexual assault?
Consider the pt a crime scene, Handle clothing as little as possible, If clothing has to be removed, bag each piece separately, Do not cut through any tears or holes in clothing, Put bloody articles in brown paper bag, Do not allow pt to bathe, comb hair, brush teeth or clean fingernails, If possible do not clean wounds, Avoid disrupting scene as much as possible
What are 4 guidelines to remember for documentation on victim of sexual assault?
State pts remarks accurately
Objectively state your observations
Document any evidence turned over to the hospital staff and the name of the individual to whom you gave it
DO NOT include opinions