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What causes the permanent cessation of menstruation?
end-organ ovarian resistance to gonadotropins
median age of menopause
*before what age
is premature menopause
under 40
most common cz of premature menopause
idiopathic premature ovarian failure
*early menopause is assoc w/ what bad habit?
cig smoking
if ovaries are removed or irradiated, what does it cz?
artificial menopause
*postmenopausal women lose protective effects of estrogen, so are at inc risk for (2)?
osteoporosis, heart dz
*Menopause wreaks HAVOC? this is a mnemonic for what sx?
Hot flashes
Atrophy of the
Coronary artery dz
what other sx? DUMS
*Dyspareunia, dec libido
Ur: *dysuria/ur freq/incont/cystocele
Menstrual irreg, *mood change
*Sweat, sleep disturb
sexual, urinary, menstrual, endocrine
T or F
PE may show vaginal dryness, genital tract atrophy, dec br size
What hormone is inc in menopause?
what period of time without menses is req to dx menopause
1 yr
*what tx can help sx and prev osteoporosis?
what are the CI to HRT?
undiagnosed vaginal bl (could be ca)
liver dz (can't process hormone)
acute vascular thrombosis (estrogen is hypercoag)
hx of endometrial or br ca
what hormone tx can be used if pt has TAH-BSO?
estrogen alone
what hormone tx is used if pt still has uterus?
what are alternatives to HRT?
clonidine (for vasomotor stability)
topical estrogen (vag atrophy)
Ca, vit D, calcitonin, bisphosphonates (prev osteo)