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when do primitive gonads appear?
wk 4-5 of development
when can you differentiate b/w male testis and female ovary?
wk 6
on what does the differentiaton of the primitive gonad depend?
presence of Y chromosome
what is responsible for testicular differentiation
SRY gene
first sign of gonadal differentiation in the male?
appearance of Sertoli cells, which aggregate and form cords
in adult male, what is resp for maturation of spermatozoa?
sertoli cells
what influences development of internal genitalia in males?
1. MIF (Mullerian inhibiting substance) [secereted by Sertoli cells]

2. testosterone (secreted by Leydig cells)
what secretes MIF?
sertoli cells
what do Leydig cells produce
what is resp for masculatinization of external genitalia
which develops first: ovary or testicle?
1st evidence of ovary formation
absence of testicular development by 7 wks gestation
what happens to oogonia in gestation?
bt 8th wk gestation, oogonia:
1. mitosis (produce more oogonia)
2. meiosis (produce primary oocytes)
3. atresia (continues thru menopause)
by what process do oogonia produce more oogonia?
by what process do oogonia produce primary oocytes?
when do oocytes undergo atresia?
til menopause
development of urinary system
3 sets of excretory ducts:
1. pronephros
2. mesonephros
*4th wk gestation
*assoc w/capillaries, secretes urine for 2-3 wks

3. metanephros (permanent kidney)
*5 wks gestation
genital ducts
both male and female embryos have:
1. mesonephric ducts (Wollfian)
2. Paramesonephric ducts (Mullerian)
what forms internal female genitalia?
paramesonephric ducts
anatomical rel'n of paramesonephric ducts to mesonephric ducts?
paramesonephric ducts are lateral and parallel to the mesonephric ducts
DOUBLE STAR-development of vagina
(HY Embryo: p. 48)
-paramesonephric ducts grow caudally and fuse-->vaginal cord
-urogenital sinus grows cranially and forms sinovaginal bulbs
-vaginal cord and sinovaginal bubs fuse (thus providing pt of contact b/w paramesonephric ducts and urogenital sinus)="Mullerian tubercle"
-after initial contact (form Mullerian tubercle), vaginal cord and sinovaginal bulbs canalize-->vagina
*upper 1/3 of vagina=from paramesonephric ducts
*lower 2/3 of vagina=from urogenital sinus
DOUBLE STAR-why might vagina be shallow?
vertical fusion defect
Sertoli cell fxns
1. provide nutrition to developing spermatozoa
2. form blood-testis barrier
3. phagocytosis of spermatid cytoplasmic residual bodies
4. secrete MIF
what forms uterine fundus?
cranial point of fusion of mullerian (paramesonephric) ducts
variations in point of fusion in mullerian ducts-->
lateral fusion defects (presence of abnl septum)

i.e. uterus arcuatus,
uterus bicornis
what causes vertical fusion defects
(vertical fusion defect refers of failure of fusion b/w paramesonephric ducts (above) and urogenital sinus (below))

abnl Mullerian (paramesonephric) duct development
==>failed formation of Mullerian tubercle and sinovaginal bulbs
Mayer-rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome
uterus and vagina are absent
what is req for dev of Wollfian structures
testes and testosterone
(MIF suppresses paramesonephric ducts)
when does genital tubercle develop? what does it become?
-4th wk
clitoris, glans penis
what do genital or urethral folds become
labia minora, corpora spongiosa
what do genital swellings become
labia majora, scrotum
what do urogenital sinus become
-male: prostate and bulbourethral glands
-female: Skene's and Bartholin's glands
scrotum ~
labia majora
prostatic utricle
bulbourethral glands (male) ~
greater vestibular glands (females)
prostate ~
urethral and paraurethral glands
hymen ~
seminal colliculus
what does paramesonephric duct become?
-male: appendix of epidydimus
-female: fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix
what does mesonephric duct become
*appendix of epididymis
*ductus epididymis
*ductus deferens
*ejaculatory dcut and seminal vesicle

*Gartner's duct
what does gubernaculum become?
gubernaculum testis,
round ligament of uterus