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What 2 muscles make up the pelvic diaphragm?

Levator Ani-anteriorly, Coccygeus-posteriorly
What is the maximum diameter of the prostate?
4 cm

Where is Denonvillier's fascia located?

between the prostate and the rectum
What is the MC malignant bladder tumor?
TCC-transitional cell carcinoma, 95%
Where does bladder ca metastisize to?
liver, lung, bones, adrenal
What is the MC cervical malignancy?
squamous cell, 85%
What is the MC invasive gynecologic malignancy?
carcinoma of the endometrium. MC=adenocarcinomas
What is omental cake?
irregular thickening of the greater omentum separating bowel from the abdominal wall. normally fat density when involved by tumor it is soft tissue density.
What is the noemal dimensions of an ovary?
2X3X4 cm
What is PID?
infection and inflammation of the endometrium, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.
What are the 2 types of testicular gem cell tumors?
Seminomas and Nonseminomas.
What is the difference in treatmentbetween non and seminomas?
both require orchiectomy. seminomas are radiosensitive nad do not require lymph node dissection. nonseminomas are radioresistant and require chemo and lymphnode dissection.
Undescended testes are at risk for what?
malignancy (48 fold) and torsion (10 fold)
Renal Cell Cancer. What do you see?
Spaghetti vessels without muscularis that do not react to pharmacologic agents
What makes up the perirenal space?
The perirenal space includes the kidneys and perinephric fat and is bordered anteriorly by Gerota’s fascia and posteriorly by Zuckerkandl’s fascia.
What makes up the posterior pararenal space?
The posterior pararenal space is posterior to Zuckerkandl’s fascia and is in communication with the properitoneal fat.
What makes up the anterior pararenal space?
The anterior pararenal space is anterior to Gerota’s fascia and includes the pancreas, ascending and descending colon, and the retroperitoneal portions of the duodenum.

most specific imaging findings for the diagnosis of anembryonic pregnancy.

The MSD is > 25 mm and there is an empty amnion

MC malignancy occuring in the ovary?

Serous cystadenocarcinoma is the most common histology in primary ovarian cancer followed by mucinous cystadenocarcinoma followed by sex cord stromal followed by dysgerminoma. The vast majority of ovarian cancers are primary with about 7% of ovarian cancers being metastatic.

What is Wunderlich Syndrome?

  • Wunderlich syndrome is a spontaneous subcapsular renal hemorrhage, which occurs in the absence of trauma.
  • Wunderlich syndrome is a complication of tumor, vascular disease, infection, and hypertension.
  • MCC is Angiomyolipoma.

What is Page Kidney?

“Page Kidney” the compression of the kidney by the subscapular hematoma may result in ischemia, renin release, and renin-dependent hypertension.