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The Gulf of Mexico is the ___th (#) largest body of water in the world.
9th largest
Which three countries surround the Gulf of Mexico?
the USA, Mexico, & Cuba
Into which body of water does the Mississippi River flow?
the Gulf of Mexico
When is "Hurricane season" for the Gulf States?
The Gulf States experience an average of ___ (#) of storms each season.
What method is used for reaching oil that is buried deep below the water of the Gulf of Mexico?
Offshore drilling
Which state is the "Yellowhammer State"?
What does "audemus jura nostra defendere", the motto of Alabama, mean?
"We dare defend our rights."
Which two states have flags that are patterned after a historical flag of Spain.
Alabama & Florida
What is the capital of Alabama?
What is the largest city in Alabama?
What is the nickname of Birmingham, Alabama?
the "Pittsburgh of the South"
Who is the Governor of Alabama?
Robert Riley (R)
What is the oldest and most historic city in Alabama?
What is Alabama's major port city on the Gulf of Mexico?
Which nation founded the city of Mobile, Alabama in 1702?
What is the name of the American general that captured Pensacola, Florida and Mobile, Alabama from the Spanish?
Andrew Jackson
What is the name of the African-American seamstress that was arrested during a protest in Montgomery, Alabama.
Rosa Parks
Which state was formerly known as the "Cotton State"?
Which foreign automobile companies have plants in Alabama?
Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Hyundai, & Honda
What is the name of the German steel company that operates a plant in Alabama?
What are the two major universities located in the State of Alabama?
University of Alabama (Crimson Tide) & Auburn University (Tigers)
What is the name of the woman from Alabama that became an author and activist despite being unable to hear, see, or speak?
Helen Keller
Who was the famous African-American Olympian that was born in Alabama?
Jesse Owens
What is the nickname of Mississippi?
the "Magnolia State"
Which is the only state flag that currently includes a Confederate Battle Flag?
the State Flag of Mississippi
What is the motto of Mississippi?
"virtute et armis" ("by valor and arms")
What is the capital of Mississippi?
What is the largest city in Mississippi?
Name the three cities on Mississippi's gulf coast.
Pascagoula, Gulfport, & Biloxi
What is the largest city in Mississippi that is on the Mississippi River?
Before the Civil War, 55% of Mississippians were _______.
Cotton slaves
Which state consistently has the lowest per capita income and the lowest academic achievement rating in the US?
Where do tourists like to gamble in Mississippi?
Aboard the Mississippi river boats
What is the name of the largest college in Mississippi?
Ol' Miss (the University of Mississippi)
Which state is the "Pelican State"?
What is the motto of Louisiana?
"Union, justice, & confidence"
What is the capital of Louisiana?
Baton Rouge
What is the largest city in Louisiana?
New Orleans
What is the nickname of New Orleans?
the "Big Easy"
What is the main historic district of New Orleans called?
the "French Quarter"
What is the name of the festival that is celebrated in New Orleans and other gulf cities before the Catholic holiday of Lent?
Mardi Gras
What does "Mardi Gras" mean in English?
"Fat Tuesday"
Who is the Governor of Louisiana?
Bobby Jindal (R)
What makes much of the lower state of Louisiana swampy?
the Mississippi River Delta
What is the Louisiana/Cajun word for a swamp?
Around New Orleans, these seawalls were constructed to keep out the water of the Mississippi and the Gulf.
What are counties called in Louisiana?
Why was New Orleans so quickly and dramatically flooded during Hurricane Katrina? (2 things)
(1) the levees broke (2) the city is below sea level
Who sold Louisiana to the United States?
Napoleon Bonaparte (France)
What is the name of the sale of 828,000 square miles of land to the United States for $15 million?
the Louisiana Purchase
What is the name of the group of people who are descendant from the African-American and European inhabitants of New Orleans?
What is the name of the group of people living in and around New Orleans who are descendant from French Canadians?
What was invented in New Orleans?
Jazz music
Which city is the world's 4th busiest port?
New Orleans
Louisianans are known for eating this crustacean.
What is the name of the fermented hot sauce from Louisiana?
Tabasco Sauce
Which American oil company is headquartered in Texas and operates refineries in Louisiana?
Who was an influential senator from and governor of Louisiana during the 1920's and 1930's?
Huey "Kingfish" Long
What is the nickname of Florida?
the "Sunshine State"
What is the capital of Florida?
What is the motto of Florida?
"In God we Trust"
What is technically the largest city in Florida?
What is the most populated area of Florida?
Miami-Dade County (Miami: 4th in the USA / Atlantic Ocean)
What is the second-most-populated area in Florida?
Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg (Gulf of Mexico / western Florida)
Who is the Governor of Mississppi?
Haley Barbour (R)
Who is the Governor of Florida?
Charlie Crist (I)
What is the name of the largest lake in Florida?
Lake Okeechobee
What is the name of Florida's vast area of wetlands south of Lake Okeechobee.
the Florida Everglades
The Florida Keys is an archipelago of ______ (#) islands.
Which of the Florida Keys is the largest?
Key Largo
What is the major interstate highway that connects the Gulf States? It runs from Jacksonville, through Mobile and New Orleans, to California
I-10 (Interstate 10)
What is the oldest city in the United States? Who founded it in 1565?
St. Augustine / Spain
What is the name of the Native American group that lived in Florida?
the Seminoles
What are the two major colleges in Florida?
Florida States (Seminoles) & the University of Florida (Gators)
Which state has the 4th largest population and economy in the USA?
What is the most important industry in Florida?
Why does Florida attract so many retirees from across the US? It's not just the sunshine!
No state income tax
Which of Florida's cities is the most visited vacation spot in the world?
What are the three largest theme parks in Orlando, Florida?
Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World,
What is the name of the space states at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
John F. Kennedy Space Center
This city is the headquarters of Florida's cruising industry.
Miami, Florida
Florida is the leading producer of _____. (5 things)
Oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, sugarcane, & stawberries
What is the nickname of Arkansas?
the "Natural State"
What is the state capital of Arkansas?
Little Rock
What is the largest city in Arkansas?
Little Rock
Who is the current Governor of Arkansas?
Mike Beebe (D)
What is the name of the range of mountains in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas?
the Ozarks
This important river (6th longest in US) flows from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River?
Arkansas River
On which major river is Little Rock located?
the Arkansas River
What was the name of the group of African-American students who gained national attention for trying to go to a new school during integration in Arkansas?
the "Little Rock Nine"
Which state is known for producing diamonds?
What is the largest corporation in the world? It's headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas.
Wal-Mart (Walmart)
Who founded Walmart?
Sam Walton
This Arkansas-based company is the world's largest processor of meat (2nd of chicken).
Tyson Foods
Before becoming the 42nd President of the United States, he was the 40th Governor of Arkansas.
Bill Clinton
What is the nickname of Oklahoma?
the "Sooner State"
What is the motto of Arkansas and what does it mean?
"Regnat populus" ("the people rule")
What is the capital of Oklahoma?
Oklahoma City
What is the largest city in Oklahoma?
Oklahoma City
Who is the Governor of Oklahoma?
C. Brad Henry (D)
How many distinct topographical regions does Oklahoma have?
Eleven (11)
This group of mountains in OK, AK, & MO is the only mountainous region between the Appalachian Mountains and Rocky Mountains.
the US Interior Highlands (Ozarks & Ouachita Mtns.)
Which state contains more Indian territory than any other?
In 1889, "sooners", eager settlers, rushed across the border of which state in order to claim land?
What is the name of the historic scenic highway that originally stretched through the Southwest?
Route 66: the "Mother Road"
Also known as the "Dirty Thirties", this was the name of the series of severe dirt storms that caused major damage to the American prairie land.
the "Dust Bowl"
What is the name of the cowboy, comedian, and movie star from Oklahoma who was one of the premier American entertainers of the 1920's and 1930's?
Will Rogers
Which city is the birthplace of swing music, Route 66, and was once called the "Oil Capital of the World"?
Tulsa, OK
What is the name of the Cherokee Indian teacher and linguist that developed an alphabet for the Cherokee language?
What is the nickname of Texas?
the "Lone Star State"
What is the largest city in Texas?
What is the capital of Texas?
What is the state motto of Texas?
Who is the current Governor of Texas?
Rick Perry (R)
What serves as the border between most of Texas and Mexico?
the Rio Grande
Into which Mexican city did Americans (Texans) first settle in 1718?
San Antonio, TX
At this Spanish church, 200 Texans fought an army of 2,400 Mexicans for thirteen days. Eventually all of the Texans were killed.
the Alamo (1836)
Who first led American settlers into Texas?
Stephen Austin
Who was the leader of the Texans during the Texan War for Independence and the first and only President of Texas?
Sam Houston
In 1836, Texas won their independence from ___ (country).
Texas is the leading American producer of which four things?
Cattle, salt, cotton, & petroleum
What is the name of the Texan oil corporation that is the world's largest refiner of petroleum?
What is the name of the Dallas-based company that makes calculators & semiconductors?
Texas Instruments
Which two men are in the Statuary Hall Collection representing Texas?
Stephen Austin & Sam Houston
Which state is known as the "Land of Enchantment"?
New Mexico
What is the capital of New Mexico?
Santa Fe
What is the largest city in New Mexico?
What is the motto of New Mexico? What does it mean?
"crescit eundo" ("It grows as it goes.")
Who is the Governor of New Mexico?
Bill Richardson III (D)
Which state has the highest Hispanic-American percentage of population?
New Mexico
What is the nickname of Arizona?
the "Grand Canyon State"
What is the largest city in Arizona?
Phoenix (6th in US)
What is the motto of Arizona? What does it mean?
"Ditat Deus" ("God enriches.")
Who is the Governor of Arizona?
Jan Brewer (R)
What is the fourth longest road in the US & the major interstate of the Southwest?
What is the third longest road i the US?
The city of Phoenix is located in which American desert?
the Sonoran Desert
Which city is the most populous state capital in the US?
Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?
the Colorado River
The Colorado River flows from ___________ to ____________.
the Rocky Mtns. / Gulf of California
How long is the Grand Canyon?
277 miles
What are the "Five C's" that the economy of Arizona is based upon?
Copper, cattle, cotton, citrus, & climate