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What grape dominates Rasteau AOC wines?
grenache at a min 90%
What is the northernmost cru of Beaujolais?
Where is Krasnodar?
What is the most widely planted red grape in Spain?
What was the first DOCG of Italy?
Vino Nobile de Montepulciano
What Alsace vineyard can be labeled Grand Cru for the grape Sylvaner?
What is the AOC for Château Pétrus?
What are the Grand Cru villages of Valle de la Marne?
Aÿ-Champagne, Tours-Sur-Marne
What is Pico?
Portugese IPR for Verdelho fortified wines, within the Azores islands
What is Bourgueil?
A red or rosé wine based on Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley in France.
What is the grape of Gavi DOCG?
Where would you find the grape Amigne?
The wine region of Bairrada is from what country?
What is the highest quality level classification in Spain?
What is the origin of Pinotage?
Pinot Noir and Cinsault
Where in Italy is Franciocorta DOCG?
Where is Serra Boella?
Cru vineyard in Neive, Barbaresco
In what region would you find the wine Dominio de Pingus?
Ribero del Duero
What is Kerner?
A white grape cross, created in 1929, of Trollinger and Riesling found in Germany and Northern Italy
What is the grape of Menetou-Salon?
Sauv Blanc
Where would you find the villages of Forst, Ungstein and Deidesheim?
Pfalz, Germany
what does it mean when it says 'Estate bottled' on label on a European wine?
Producer owns the vineyard
In US, what is the percentage of wine is required to be from the vintage listed?
95% from vintage
if vineyard listed, 95% from vineyard
what is brettanomyces?
Brettanomyces is a form of yeast bacterium that has several biotypes
Bacon and Clove
Horse hair
Bubble Gum
name 3 different types of cork.
Pure cork
cork sealed w/silicon
Agglomerated Cork
5 Champagne districts
Montagne de Riems (Pinot Noir),

Vallee de la Marne(Pinot Meunier),

Cote des Blancs(Chardonnay),

Cote de Sezanne(Chardonnay), and

Cote des Bars commonly referred to as Department of the Aube(Pinot Noir).
Liquer de tirage
exact blend of sugar and yeast to produce 6 atmospheres of pressure in the bottle or 90 lb/in2
bottle aging requirements for Champagne?
law requires NV Champagne spends 15 months before release and Vintage Champagne spends at least 36 months
What is the slow turning process that moves the dead yeast cells towards the cap in the making of Champagne
The process of removing the cap and the dead yeast cells. Mostly done with liquid nitrogen these days, a la glace in the making of Champagne
– aka dosage is a mixture of wine and sugar depending on the style
liquer d' Expedition
name the French Wine Quality Levels
AOC – Most Specific, highest Quality
VDQS – consistently better than Regional
Vin de Pays – regional wines
Vin de Table – cannot even carry a vintage
What Burgandy villages are known primarily for red wine?
Morey-St. Denis
What are the grand cru vineyards of Chablis?
Les Close
What is the most planted varietal in Fitou?
What is the principal grape of Palmela DO?
What is the predominant grape of St.Emilion?
Where can the grape Schiava be found?
Alto Adige/Südtirol
Caprai and Paolo Bea are famous producers of which Italian wine?
Sagrantino di Montefalco
Auchentoshan is produced in what region of Scotland?
What is the longest river in France?
Loire, 629 miles long
Appellations of Pays Nantais. (4)
Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire
Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu
Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine
Between the Pays Nantais and Touraine lies the Loire’s largest, most diverse and most dynamic region
Although Anjou and Saumur are often considered collectively, Saumur is an eastern sub-region of Anjou, adjacent to Chinon in Touraine.
Saumur is the Loire’s center for sparkling wine production; Anjou produces both sweet and dry interpretations of Chenin Blanc, known locally as Pineau de la Loire. Whereas the highest praise is reserved for these white wines, 45% of Anjou’s production is devoted to rosé, a blended wine dominated by Grolleau grapes. Nearly one third of Anjou’s plantings are Cabernet Franc, with the resulting red wines achieving a higher quality than in the past. Anjou AOP, a designation for all three colors, is the umbrella appellation for the region. Saumur wines may be bottled as Anjou AOP, but not vice versa.
Communes of Coteaux du Layon-Villages AOP
Faye d'Anjou
St-Aubin de Luigné
St-Lambert du Lattay
Chaume (formerly 1er Cru, awaiting reinstatement)
Cencibel is a synonym for what grape?
What is Cérons?
AOC for sweet wine in Graves.
What is Carema?
DOC in Piemonte for Spanna-based wines
Sight: Clear, bright, moderate ruby with medium concentration and a garnet rim, some sediment, moderate plus viscosity.

Nose: Clean with moderate plus intensity and both youthful and vinuous aromas of baked red cherry, sour red plum, tart blackberry. Lilacs, leather, orange rind, iodine, and sweet black earth. Smoky clove spice, dried dill, and faded vanilla indicate American oak aging.

Palate: On the palate the wine is dry, medium bodied, soft texture to the red fruits, earth and spice flavors. Medium, well-integrated tannin, medium plus acidity, medium alcohol. Long finish.
Gran Reserva Rioja
What is the grape of Cornas?
Which Calvados appellation allows for the use of up to 30% pear cider?
Calvados Domfrontais AC
What is a Stück?
The traditional cask of the Rheingau, holding 1200 liters
Sight: Clear, day bright, medium-minus concentration. Straw color with green reflections. Medium viscosity.

Nose: Medium-plus intensity. Grapefruit pith, green apple, and green plum. White pepper, lentils and slight honey. Wet stones. No new oak.

Palate: Dry, but not bone dry. Medium body, medium-plus to high acidity, medium alcohol. Lemon, grapefruit, green apple and under-ripe white peach. Spicy and vegetal. Pepper, tarragon and radish. Touch of honey. Strong minerality. No new oak. Bitterness on the finish.
Gruner Veltliner from Austria
What is Bourgueil?
A red or rose wine based on Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley in France.
What is the principle grape of Naoussa?
Sight: Clear, star bright, medium-minus concentration. Pale straw color with green reflections and slight evidence of gas. Medium-viscosity.

Nose: High intensity. Peach, orange rind, meyer lemon. Very floral with white and yellow flowers. Hint of bubble gum.

Palate: Dry, medium-minus body, medium alcohol, medium-plus acidity. Peach pit, apricot, lemon. Floral character carries through on the palate, with strong orange oil notes. Juicy Fruit gum. Moderate chalky minerality. No new oak.
Albarino from Spain
In what glass is sherry traditionally served?
A Copita
Where is the Nackenheimer Rothenberg vineyard?
What is Sämling 88?
A synonym for Scheurebe used in Burgenland
Sight: Almost opaque, bright, dark ruby color, moderate plus concentration with pink/purple rim variation, moderate plus viscosity with a slight stain to the tears.

Nose: Medium plus intensity to aromas, bright red raspberry, black cherry, black currant. Secondary aromas of violets, pencil lead, green bell pepper, sage, tobacco, gravel dust. No obvious new oak.

Palate: Dry, medium plus body, medium alcohol, medium plus acidity, medium plus tannin, high gravelly minerality and underripe fruit/bell pepper notes on palate, medium plus finish.