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Susan B. Anthony
U.S. feminist, major figure in women's rights movements between 1850 and 1906. Organized National Woman Suffrage Association (1869) and served as its president.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
U.S. feminist reformer. Women's rights leader from 1848 to 1902. Organized Senenca Falls Convention (1848) and worked closely with S.B.Anthony. A founder of National Woman Suffrage Association (1869).
Booker T. Washington
African AM educator. Headed Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute (1881), and inudstrial and agricultural school for African AMs in Tuskegee, Alabama. Deleivered Atlanta Compromise speech (1895) - told African AMs that fulfillment of goals lay in self-improvement and stressed need for interracial cooperation.
Jane Addams
AM social worker who founded Hull House in Chicago (1889). Named chairman of Woman's Peace party and prez. of International Congress of Women at the Hague (1915).
Terence Powderly
U.S. labor reformer. Headed K.O.L. (1879-'93)=largest and most powerful labor union of its day. More interested in reforme issues like need for child labor lawas and trust isues regulation than workplace issues like wages, hours, and safety on job.
Samuel Gompers
U.S. labor leader. Formed AM Federation of Labor (AfL) in 1886. As president of AFL, stressed practical goals for workers, like higher wages, fewer hours, and increased safety on the job.
Mary Harris Jones
Irish immigrant - after deaths of husband and 4 children in 1860's, she devoted herself to U.S. labor movement. Led deomonstrations, fought child labor, and organized women to support strikes. Nicknames=mother Jones, miner's angel.
Eugene Debs
U.S. socialist and labor leader. Helped organize AM Railway Union (1893). jailed during Pullman stirke (1894) and founded AM Socialist Party (1901).
Lucy Stone
U.S. women's rights leader. Outstanding public speaker; won many supporters to cause of women's rights, including S.B.Anthony. A founder of AM Woman Suffrage Association (1869).
Henry Blackwell
U.S. political activist, founded AM Woman Suffrage Association (1869) with wife, Lucy Stone. Organization focused on obtaining political rights for women.
William Jennings Bryan
U.S. political leader. Democratic party leader (1896-1912), lost presidential election in 1896 to Mckinley.
Credit Mobilier
Political scandal in 1872 which Vice Prez. Colfax and other high Republican officials were found to have recieved shares in the Credit Mobilier construction company in return for helping the company avoid investigation of large stock swindels and fraudulent gov't. contracts.
Taking away the right to vote or hold ffice from a group or individual; practice enacted in most of the S states during late 1800's and early 1900's to effort to deny African AM's their civil rights.
A list of workers thought to be union organizers or troublemakers; circulation of blacklist among employers makes it hard for workers to find jobs.
Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)
Regulatory agency created by the Interstate Commerce Act in 1887 to regulate freight rates.