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what is "Outfoxed" about?
- a critique of media conglomerates
who is Robert Murdoch?
- australian who owns much of the media industry including FOX NEWS network
what are some of hte critiques against Fox News?
- controls what is being said
- "right wing"
- "environment of fear"
what are the Fox News techniques?
- gets rid of journalists
- shuts down/ off guests if to left wing/democrat beliefs
-Bill O'Rielly
what is another technique of Fox News?
- news and commentary collide and then lets people decide
Opinion can't be...
... proven false
this is a clever phrase that several Fox News reporters use when reporting.
"some people say"
who was noted for going against Bush in the 9/11 commission?
Richard Clarke (republican)
- Fox News "burned" him for it
Which type of political guests do Fox bring in mostly?
republican/ conservative guests
Fox only covered parts of these stories and even cut off the microphone to one of them.
Regan's B-day party
- Gay Rights
- Jeremy Glick (alleged Liberal conspirator)
the more people that are consumed by one type of media, the more likely that they...
... are to support the side that that particular media station is suppporting
Chomsky showed this in the London Times.
- ***Media is shaped by ownership