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what country does this video reference?
- Indonesia
what big companies have factories in Indonesia?
- Old Navy, Gap, Nike
what are some of the conditions of the factories in Indonesia?
- long working hours; sometimes 36 hours
even though they have it, what is basically useless in Indonesia?
- Code of Conduct
why will virtually anyone take the job at these factories?
- the rate of unemployment is very high
what did Gap say about the Code of Conduct?
- they can't force to comply in terms of code of conduct
what occured in the 1960's in Indonesia? who was involved?
secretly backed by the U.S., got rid of up to 1 million nationalists

-General Shiharto takes over
what was the justification for these murders?
- getting rid of communism
- good for economy and globalization
what occurred in response to what was occuring in Indonesia?
- had a confereance in Swizterland w/ Top Businessmen to RESTRUCTURE investment policies in Indonesia
if industry privatizes then it is more expensice to pay for...
... healthcare and education