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Noam Chomsky is associated with the...
"paired example"
what countries did Chomsky mention...?
... Cambodia and East Timor
what was one of the messages that Chomsky was trying to convey?
- which countries/ people fit the WORTHY/ UNWORTHY VICTIMS MODEL
what occured in the 1970's in East Timor?
- invaded by Indonesia (Dec 7, 1975)
- 1 of last ancient civilizations
where was the U.S. media coverage?
was near non-existant at peak of autrocities
when was there no coverage in Cambodia?
-pre 1975 killing by U.S. during Cambodia changing to Communist state
when was there lots of coverage in Cambodia?
- post 1975 killings by Cambodian Communists against rebellion
which country had East Timor as a colony?
- Portugal
what were the reasons why U.S. supports Indonesian invasion? (3)
- arms sales from U.S. against East Timor
- oil in East Timor
- deep sea passage by East Timor
when does propganda work best?
when it is subtle
would Chomsky agree in Miao's theory concerning the Disney article. If, yes then why?
- yes
- bc it sneaked by people bc of how society is at this point
what is Chomsky's propoganda model?
- due to ownership and ads much of the worthy and unworthy victim stories are left behind depending on administrattion invovled; people challenging it only