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what is perry scale?
scheme for understanding the way students develop their thinking abilities
-students go through a series of steps as improve their critical thinking skills: dualism, multiplicity, relativism, commitment to relativism
*experst tells the defintate answer, unarguable

-there is a right and wrong answer

-students want to know exactely what answers the teacher expects
- *mutiple perspectives; not agree bw different people (many options)

-profesor's comments seem unfair; as if based on profesor's prejudice or personal point of view
- *different perspectives but one may look more into one than the other bc of the circumstances of achieving knowledge
Commitment to Relativism
- highest level of perry scheme

- *not only realize different ways of thinking, but who one is and their own beliefs and perspectives are applied
ecological footprint...
effect the environment due to consumption
- U.S. is 2nd to United Arab consumption
sustainable development is...
thinking longterm
sustainability is...
... setting goals that will actually happen
-NOT making a NEGATIVE impact