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Army Values - "L" Stands for
Loyalty - Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit, and other Soliers.
Army Values - "D" stands for
Duty - Fullfill your obligations
Army Values - "R" stands for
Respect - Treat people as they should be treated
Army Values - "S" stands for
Selfless Service - Put the welfare of the nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your own
Army Values - "H" stands for
Honor - Live up to all the Army values
Army Values - "I" stands for
Integrity - Do what is right, legally and morally
Army Values - "P" stands for
Personal Courage - Face fear, danger, or adversity (physical or moral)
1st General Order
"I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved."
2nd General Order
"I will obey my special orders and perform all of my duties in a military manner."
3rd General Order
"I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions, to the commander of the relief."
Who was the first General of the GSDF, then known as the Georgia Militia? What were they tasked with accomplishing?
General James Oglethorpe. To repel the Spanish invasion of Georgia.
Beneate the Governor of Georgia, who commands the GSDF (title, rank and name)?
Adjutant General. Major General William T Nesbitt
Headquarters G1 represents:
Headquarters G2 represents:
Intelligence and Security
Headquarters G3 represents:
Operations and Training
Headquarters G4 represents:
Supply and Logistics
G1 through G4, in each GSDF (non headquarters unit), uses what letter instead of "G"?
S: So, S1 through S4. Cover same tasks as G1 through G4, but at the battalion or brigade level.
Special Staff section at HQ includes what 5 positions?
Public Affairs Officer (PAO)
Judge Advocate General (JAG)
Command Surgeon (SURG)
Comptroller (COMPT)
HQ Chaplain
What policy (number) governs wear of uniform?
AR 670-1
When can you wear GSDF Uniform?
1) official training duties
2) approved operations
3) representing GSDF at public gatherings
Can you wear uniform if you have to go into a bank or restaurant on the way to/from an official GSDF function?
Essential stops at commercial establishments including: service stations, banks, cleaners, grocery stores, and restaurants incident to duty or traval to/from official duties of GSDF.
What "stops along the way" to and from duty are prohibited while in uniform?
Stops at recreational facilities (pools, parks, theaters, bars, clubs, etc).

You may NEVER wear the uniform while attending functions, public or private, when not on official GSDF duty or representing GSDF.
What color beret flash does the GSDF utilitze? The US Army?
GSDF uses red flash on black beret.
US Army uses blue flash on black beret.
If earned, are you allowed to wear a skill badge on headgear?
No, this is not authorized.
If you have a jacket that has Velcro fastening on the front flap, is it okay to use only the Velcro to close the jacket and leave the zipper undone so the jacket can "breathe better"?
No. Uniforms will be clean, free of holes and tears, and will be kept buttoned, zipped and snapped.
If earned, are you allowed to wear a skill badge on headgear?
No, this is not authorized.
If you have a jacket that has Velcro fastening on the front flap, is it okay to use only the Velcro to close the jacket and leave the zipper undone so the jacket can "breathe better"?
No. Uniforms will be clean, free of holes and tears, and will be kept buttoned, zipped and snapped.
Name the rank for the following slides:
Private First Class
Staff Sergeant
Sergeant First Class
2 sergeants are E8's:
1) Master Sergeant
2) First Sergeant
Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, and Sergeant Major of the Army are all E9
Name the rank for the following officers:
2nd Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General
What side of the head is the flash of the beret on, and what is it centered above?
Center the flash and the stiffener above the left eye. The edge should be 1 inch above eyebrows and straight across forehead.
Where is excess beret material pulled?
Excess material is pulled between the top and middle of right ear.
According to GSDF Pocket Handbook (Rev. 2006), what is a difference in functions of officers and NCOs?
Officers command units and set policy. NCOs run units and implement policy.
What function do warrant officers perform?
Warrant officers are professional specialists but do not lead units.
When you recognize a superior officer outdoors or see one in an official vehicle displaying plates or flags, what should you do?
Salute the superior officer.
If in a formation, when do you salute a superior officer?
Only when given the order to do so.
If you notice a superior officer while you and your fellow soldiers are in a group but not in formation, what should you do?
The first soldier to notice superior officer calls the group to attention and all personnel salute.
If an officer approaches your group while doing field work, do you call the group to attention and salute?
During field work details, the soldier in charge of the detail reports for the group and performs the salute.
When in formation marching, which members of the group offers the salute?
The unit leader of a formation renders the salute.
Who salutes first, subordinate or superior?
Subordinate always. Superior returns the salute.
What should you verbalize when you give a salute?
Appropriate greeting for the time of day: "Good morning sir/ma'am."
Do NCOs and enlisted soldiers salute?
Generally, no. The exception is when giving or receiving reports when in formation.
Why is it best to carry items in your left hand if possible?
The right hand must always be empty when saluting. This allows you to give salute when/if you come across an officer
What about if you are eating and you must salute an officer?
You should never salute with something in your mouth. The exceptions are (not from the official guidebook): 1) you may retain dentures or crowns 2) if in cardiac arrest and intubated, you may leave the breathing tube in until the nurse or medic has released you back to duty
If marching in the direction of the US flag, at what distance from the flag should you turn your head in its direction and salute?
6 paces from the flag, turn your head in its direction. During ceremonies, simply salute when flag is 6 paces from you.
What is the protocol for when the National Anthem, "To the Colors,", and "Reveille" are played?
Turn toward the music if flag is visible, assume attention and execute salute. If in vehicle, dismount and render salute. It is okay to salute if under cover as well, in this situation.
What if you are in civilian clothes when the National Anthem, "To the Colors,", and "Reveille" are played?
Come to attention and place your hand over your heart.
Do you follow the same protocols for saluting when national anthems of foreign nations and their flags are displayed?
Yes. These honors apply to other nations as well. Come to attention and salute as you would for our colors and official music.
How do you refer to sergeants (E5 through E8)? How about the First Sergeant (E8)?
Generally, call them "Sergeant." The First Sergeant (E8) should be called "1st Sergeant", although some are called "Top" if it is okay with that particular sergeant.
How should E9s be referred?
The should be addressed as "Sergeant Major"
How are warrant officers addressed?
Usually called Mr. or Ms. Howeverk CW2 through CW5 are customarily addressed as "Chief"
How are the different officer ranks addressed?
All lieutenants are called Lieutenant. Captains are called Captain. Majors are called Major. Lt Colonels and Colonels are called Colonel. All generals are called General. Easy enough.
When speaking to an officer, how should you stand?
Stand at attention unless told "At Ease." Come to attention and salute when the officer leaves or upon being dismissed.
When indoors and you notice an officer entering the room, what should you do?
Order everyone to attention.
Do you salute an officer indoors?
No, except when reporting.
When walking with an a senior officer, which side do you walk on?
The left.
When an officer enters a crowded room or hallway, what does the first person who sees him say?
"At Ease" or "Make Way."
How do you report to an officer when outside?
Move briskly to the officer, halt two paces before him, come to attention, render the proper salute and report "Sir/Ma'am, Sergeant Smith reports."
How do you report to an officer when inside?
Remove headgear, knock and wait to be recognized, enter when told to do so. Come to attention two paces away and report "Sir/Ma'am, Sergeant Smith reports."
Does the highest or lowest ranking officer enter the vehicle first?
Junior personnel enter first and leave last.
What document outlines Drill and Ceremonies?
FM 21-5
What is the command for coming to attention?
"Fall In" or "Attention"
What is the command for parade rest? In what position is the only position you can go to parade rest from? Can you move around at parade rest?
"Parade Rest." You can only go into parade rest from Attention position. You do not move at parade rest.
What is the command for at ease? Are you allowed to move at parade rest?
"At Ease." Movement is permitted, but silence is maintained and RIGHT FOOT is held in place (it must not move). You can travel as far as moving your left foot will allow you to, but make sure you do some gentle stretches first to avoid strains and sprains.
What is the command for presenting arms? In what position is the only position you can go to present arms from?
Simply, "Present Arms." Only given from the position of Attention.
From Present Arms, what order returns you to the position of attention?
"Order Arms." If your friendly sergeant tells you to go to Parade Rest directly from Present Arms, don't do it... it's a trap. And he will make fun of you. And you will be upset and go home and eat a whole carton of ice cream while watching "Friends" and cry yourself to sleep. Okay, that last line probably wouldn't happen.
What distance is considered a full step (in inches)?
30 inches
...or 76.2 cm
...or 8.05451839 × 10-17 light years
When marching, how should arms swing?
9 inches forward, 6 inches when going backward.
What do you do when "Dress Right Dress" is commanded?
Each man except on far right flank turns his head to the fight and aligns to the man to their right. Man on far right faces forward but holds left arm out. All men but on the far left flank extends left flank. If there is no one to your right, don't look right - no one to left, don't extend arm left.
How is time given? What is the name for the universal time that often is used to timestamp reports, communications and orders?
Greenwich Mean Time (or Zulu time). To convert, use current time and add 4 hours to current time (Eastern Standard TIme, in 24 hour format). During Daylight Savings, add 5 hours instead.
How do you write your date (date time group)?
(ie.e 14FEB10)
When performing traffic control or security at a controlled site where a person without credential is not allowed in, are you allowed to detain a person if they refuse to show ID and start to walk past you?
No. GSDF does not have law enforcement or arrest powers. Nor do we have traffic law enforcement abilities. Physical conduct is not allowed. Be firm and do not act meek, but in the end you will need assistance from an officer or other official if further action must be taken.
If you are a sworn Georgia law enforcement officer, are you allowed to carry your firearm when on GSDF duty, representing the GSDF or wearing a GSDF uniform?
Nope. Nothing associating you to GSDF is allowed if you have a firearm. All operations are unarmed.
What if I have a concealed carry permit and I am the finest special forces soldier who ever lived? And my mom sent a note?
No. No guns. I don't want to discuss this any more. You're giving me a headache.
If on foot patrol and I see illegal activity, can I intervene?
Our duty is to locate, observe and report as requested by supported agency. Get appropriate support immediately.
What are for general types of communications?
How do we pronounce the numbers 1-5
How do we pronounce the numbers 6-9 and zero?
What word often used on the radio means that you have "received message satisfactorily?"
What means "received message satisfactorily, understand it, and will comply?"
What is the "S" in SALUTE report?
What is the "A" in SALUTE report?
What is the "L" in SALUTE report?
What is the "U" in SALUTE report?
What is the "T" in SALUTE report?
Time observed
What is the "E" in SALUTE report?
What do the red and white colors on the US flag mean?
Red stands for courage and White for purity.
What do the horizontal red and white stripes symbolize? How many are there?
Symbolizes the thirteen original colonies. So there are thirteen stripes.
How many stars are on the flag and what do they represent? What was the last flag modification, and why?
50 stars. The last change was the addition of the 50th star, when Hawaii became the last state.
What does the blue field the stars are placed on represent?
The blue represents valor.
Can the flag be displayed outside 24 hours a day?
The flag must always be lit. It is displayed from reveille to retreat. It may be displayed at night if commander allows, and it must be illuminated the entire time if left outside at night.
When putting away the flag, do you hold it or place it on the ground to fold it?
The US flag must never touch the ground. Ever.
What is the motto of Georgia?
Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation
What represents the motto of Georgia on the state flag seal?
The three pillars, upholding the dome on which "constitution" is written
You have been told you are to be promoted to the next higher rank. Are you allowed to wear the new rank after your company commander tells you this is to happen?
Promotions are official only upon announcement in orders published by G1, GSDF HQ. You may not wear the higher rank until orders are received.
When you retire from or resign from the GSDF, are you allowed to keep your GSDF Identification Card as a "memento" and a way of receiving thanks for your service?
No. Upon termination of membership you must return your card. If you retain state property or your ID, a sheriff's deputy may visit your home to personally thank you for your service and recover the items.
Are you covered by Georgia worker's compensation while on official GSDF duty?
Yes you are, but you must follow protocol for reporting any events.
Does a soldier on sentry duty salute an officer when indoors?
What is the origin of the salute?
In early Roman History, persons meeting would raise their hand in the air, palm forward, to show they held no weapons and were friendly. This has evolved into the present day salute.
What does UCMJ stand for?
Uniform Code of Military Justice
When can the US flag be flown upside down?
In times of emergency
The command "Open Ranks" means you do what?
First rank takes two paces forward.
Second rank takes one pace forward.
Third rank stands fast.
Fourth rank takes two half-steps backward.
What command is given to revoke a preparatory command that was improperly given?
"As You Were"
Can embroidered badges be worn on the ACU?
No. Badges are not sewn/embroidered
How many skill tabs can be worn on the ACU?
How many skill patches can be worn on ACU?
Name four items that are not part of the ACU ensemble proper but are authorized for wear.
Black or green socks
Army combat boots
Black gloves
Tan moisture wicking t-shirt
Riggers belt
Where do you keep your beret if you are not wearing it? What type of container should you carry it in?
In your right cargo pocket. Keep it in a plastic bag.
Should you dry clean your uniform to keep it clean and pressed?
No. Wash as instructed on label and hang until dry.
If asked for your social security number, what is the correct format to write it as in order to protect your identiy and SSN?
First three letters of last name and last 4 of SSN.
Ex: John Turner 123-45-6789
...would write as: TUR6789
What is the difference in symbols in the center of a First Sergeant versus of a Master Sergeant?
A First Sergeant has a diamond on the middle. A Master Sergeant has a star in the middle. Both have three chevrons above, three rockers below.
What does METL stand for?
Mission Essential Task List
Why do you not call NCOs "sir?"
Because. Call them by their title, but never say "yes/no sir." Sir is used for commissioned officers.
Who gives a warrant officer their rank?
Secretary of the Army
How many people are in a squad? What rank NCO leads a squad? How many people are in a platoon? Who is in charge?
Squad - 9 soldiers. Staff Sergeant is NCO.

For a platoon, this includes 3 squads for a total of 29 people. 2nd Lieutenant is officer. Sergeant First Class is NCO.
How many people are in a company? Who is in charge?
87. Captain is officer. Captain is advised by a 1st Lieutenant "executive officer" and First Sergeant NCO.
How many people are in a battalion? Who is in charge?
348. Made of 4 companies. Commanded by a Major. Command Sergeant Major is highest NCO.
How many people are in a brigade? Who is in charge?
1044 personnel. Made of at least 2 or more Battalions. A Colonel is officer.
What is above a brigade? What NCO and officer are in charge?
A division. Major General is officer. Sergeant Major is NCO. Currently 10 active US Army divisions.
What governing body appoints an officer? Why?
Congress appoints officers. They do this because commissioned officers may have to act on behalf of the president.
What is the number of our training file?
our "201 file"
When is the only time you can put your hand in your pocket when talking to an officer or NCO?
Only to retrieve something.
What is the one thing you can do to draw the ire of superior officers/soldiers?
Jump the chain of command. Don't do it.
What are some "never do it" things to keep in mind?
1 - Never jump chain of command!
2 - Never offer excuses.
3 - Never ignore taps, Reveille, or other times you are supposed to salute or dismount and salute.
Some more things to never do?
4 - Never turn and walk away or purposely avoid officer just to avoid having to salute
5 - Never use superior's rank to get something done (say they gave an order that they never gave)
Why is flag worn on right shoulder? What part of flag faces forward?
To symbolize the flag waving in the wind as you move forward. Therefore, "stars always lead you into battle."
If superior officer is walking but has his/her hands full, do you still salute them?
Yes, still salute but they may not salute back. Use normal greeting of the day.
If you have to carry things, what is the preferred hand to carry them in?
Carry in the left hand.
How far away do you salute an officer walking towards you?
6 paces
What is always your leading foot during drill and ceremonies?
From what position are all stationary movements given?
What is a good answer to give if you don't know the answer to a question.
"I don't know but I will find out and report back to you."
From what position are all stationary movements given?
D&C, in military terms, stands for
Drill and Ceremony
Outside, at what speed should you move to report to an officer?
At double time
Do you salute an officer in the field or on a mission?
No. Just give greeting of the day.
What information should be on your emergency card?
1 - Name
2 - Emergency contact information (name, number, address and other contact information)
3 - Any allergies or pertinent medical history
4 - Medications
What is the definition of a formation?
Arrangement of soldiers of a unit in a prescribed manner
How is a step measured?
From heel to heel
What is the color difference from a second to a first lieutenant?
2nd Lt. is gold bar
1st Lt. is a silver bar
What is the color difference from a major to a lieutenant colonel?
Major is a gold oak cluster.
Lt. Colonel is a silver oak cluster.
What is the previously known as Dobbins Naval Air Station's current name?
Camp Clay
How many steps are in one minute during a standard march?
120 steps a minute.
How many tabs are authorized to be worn? (NOT how many you can wear on your ACU at a time)
What is the standard headgear to be worn at all times unless directed otherwise?
The Beret. Patrol cap may be used when authorized.
What side of the ACU is GEORGIA tape to be worn on?
What side of the ACU is your last name to be worn on?
On the ACU, where does your rank get placed?
Center of ACU blouse velcro panel
What part of uniform does US flag go on? Does unit insignia go above or below the US flag?
Right arm. US flag goes above unit insignia.
What patches, at a minimum, go on left arm?
"Parati Servire" and GSDF patch. The Parati Servire tab is centered 1/2 inch below the top of the shoulder seem. The insignia will be worn, centered, touching the Parati Servire tab.
What 5 tabs are authorized to wear (in order of precedence)?
1 - President's Hundred
2 - Special Forces
3 - Ranger
4 - Search and Rescue
5 - CERT
What badges are authorized to wear on uniform?
1 - Marksmanship badges and tabs.
2 - Combat and special skill badges and tabs.
3 - Identification badges.
4 - Foreign badges.
What are the numbers of the two brigades that are in GSDF?
1st and 5th brigade
What lines go on dog tag?
Last name, First name
Blood type
Religious preference
How many grades of officers are there?