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to make a law no longer exist
states' rights
the idea that state governements, not the federal government, should have control over how their state is run
spoils system
the custom of allowing a President who wins an election to give government jobs to the people who helped him or her
more than half
the United States of America
a tax on goods that a nation buys from other nations
caring more about one's section of the nation and less about the entire nation
cotton gin
a machine that separates cotton seeds from cotton fibers
a thin, threadlike part of a plant that can be spun into yarn
textile mill
a factory where machines spin thread and make cloth
Industrial Revolution
a change from making products by hand at home to making products by machine in factories
North & South want different
Example #1 slavery
Example #2 tariffs
Missouri Compromise of 1820
Maine & Missouri became states
Maine-free state
Missouri-slave state
Line drawn at southern border of Missouri across Louisiana Purchase: everything N was free
Jackson’s Indian Removal Policy
Trail of Tears
Moved Native American nations West
Industrial Revolution
Good for North & West (small land owners/farmers):
cheaper Am. stuff and people moved into cities;
cities gave West a place to sell their crops
Did not really help the South