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4 month
laughs aloud- binocularity
6 month
peek-a-boo - prefers mom- extends arm to be picked up
9 months
depth perception
11-12 months
able to anticipate moms departure and protests
7 months
able to bear wll weight on their legs with assistance
9 months
creeping on hands and knees - stand while holding onto furniture and can pull themselves up to standing position but unable to get down they fall
11 months
walk while holding on to furniture or with both hands held
12 months
walk with one hand held - talk first step
Hep B
birth, 1mth-4mths, 6-18mths
2, 4, 6mths, 15-18mths, 4-6yrs
2, 4, 6, 12-15mths
2, 4, 6-18mths, 4-6yrs
12-15mths, 4-6yrs
2, 4, 6, 12mths
yearly @ 6-18mths
Toddler Play
Parrallel Play
walks w/o help - can drop a pellet in a narrow necked bottle, loves throwing and retrieving objects, builds tower of 2 cubes, holds 2 cubes in hand, usues cup but often rotates spoon
can run but frequently falls- can throw an object overhand, builds tower of 3-4 cubes, turn pages in a book 2-3 at a time, manages spoon w/o rotation
can run up stairs- usues hands to build towers - builds tower of 6-7 cubes- align 2 or more cubes like a train, turn pages of book one at a time, turns door knob, unscrews lid
jump using both feet - builds tower of 8 cubes adds chimney to train of cubes, holds crayon with hand instead of fist
can climb stairs with alternate footing - can peddle a tricycle, walk on their tiptoes, broad jumps with both feet - can draw a circle, builds tower of 9-10cubes- builds bride of 3
Toileting 18-24mths
voluntary control of sphincter- sit facing toilet,
4 yrs
skips and hops on one foot, and catches a ball - laces shoes but cant tie, use scissors to cut out picture using outline
5 yrs
skips on alternating feet, jumps rope, begins swimming and skating - add 7 to 9 part stick figure and can print first name, ties shoes