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The Animal Kingdom Personality Test is just one test that describes your personality towards a specific animal that lives in the wild. It gives a description of how each animal acts towards the environment and that is how the person is supposed to exhibit their personality characteristics.
It would be interesting to see how many people would agree that their personality traits were similar to the characteristics to the animal they were paired up with. Lets take a few minutes and quickly answer these few questions.......Thanks.. Ok? How many Match? How don't?
We have a few more hand outs, these are just for your enjoyment.. please pass them around the room for everyone to see. Thses are about everyones hand writing....Look over and what do you think? Could these be true about your personlalitiy? This was just for fun.... Thank you.....
Thank you
Another personality test that can be taken now deals with people and dogs. Some people can take peorsonality tests before they buy dogs so they can find the right breed that matches their personality.. we thought this was interesting....this can be done now, and you can find out your personality type, and what kind of dog you would be a good match with....
The typeology test is from Jung... This is the personality test. This will tell you if you are an introvert, extrovert.. ect. This is a hard copy, but if you want to take the test with the finally score, the web site is on the bottom of the page. Thank you....
act cool and are distant
may seem insensitive
may be blunt
appear businesslike
may arugue for fun
are more "thick-skinned"
get right to the point
appear low key
give praise sparingly
usually are very assertive
use impersonal language
use peoples names sparingly
are more likely to be male
act warmer, friendlier
are more sensitive to feelings
are more diplomatic
angage in more social nicities
avoid arguments, conflicts confrontat.
have feelings hurt easily
socialize first
appear excited and emotional
are generous with praise
are less assertive
use lots of "value" words
use peoples name frequently
are more likely to be female
more formal ad conventional
more serious
take charge be in control
make decisions quickly
difinite and express strong opinion
in a hurry and strong pace
neat appearnace, clothes pressed hair
dress for appearance
set and reach goals
neat, tidy workplace
driven to finish projects
like rules structure
striaght posture
seek jobs, control
casual unconventionalmore playful
good at adapting
put off decisions
more tentative
slower pace
less neat appearance
dress more comfertable
messy, cluttered workplace
liable to change goals
prefer to start projects
find rules limiting, confining
may slouch more
seek jobs that are fun