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cache (n)
hiding place for something
commend (v) commendable (adj)
(v):praise, mention favorably,compliment
(adj): praiseworthy, laudable
cur (n)
worthless dog
despotic (adj)
desppotism (n)
(adj): of a despot, domineering,dictatorial,
(n): tyranny, dictatorship
dispute (v)
disputatious (adj)
(v):argue about, debate, declare not true,call into question,oppose, challenge
(adj): argumentative,contentious
edifice (n)
building,especially a large or impressive building
era (n)
historical period,period of time,age, epoch
initiate (v)
initiation (n)
(v)1. begin, introduce, originate,inaugurate
2. put throught the ceremony
of becoming a member, admit,
(n): induction,installation
Jolly Roger (n)
pirates flag,black flag with white skull and corssbones
multitude (n)
multitudinous (adj)
(n):very large number of people or things, throng,horde, crowd, swarm
(adj): many, numerous
perceive (v)
perception (n)
(v): become aware of through the senses, note,observe, behold,understand
(n): idea, conception
portal (n)
(usually plural) door, enterance, especially a grand or impressive one, gate
reserved (adj)
1. restrained in speech or action,reticent, uncommunicative, tight-lipped, taciturn
2. unsociable, aloof, withdrawn
restrain (v)
hold back,check,curb,repress,keep under control
retract (v)
draw away,withdraw, take back,unsay