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There are 2 forms of mood disorders, they are......
Unipolar & bipolare
There are 2 key moods involved in mood disorders....what are they?
Depression & Mania
The distinguishing factors of determining a mood disorder are....
Severity & duration
Normal depression is mild & caused by a significant personal event that is not severe & prolonged. severe
Disorganization, despair, post partum blues & lability....These are symptoms of what kind of depression?
This disorder is characterized by depressed mood w/an identifiiable precipitating event in the person's life within the last 3 months before the onset of symptoms. The person is x-periencing impaired social or occupational functioning, whereas the attached stressor would not account for the depressive symptoms.
Adjustment Disorder w/Depressed Mood
Wha do you call persistently depressed mood most of the day for more days than not for at least 2 yrs. They must have 2 of the following symptoms, appetite disturbance, sleep disturbance, low energy, low self esteem, problems w/concentration or decision making, feelings of hopelessness.
Double depression refers to patients that suffer from major depression & dysthymia
What do you call the onset of depressive symptoms during fall or winter?
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Major Depressive disorder is characterized by the same symptoms of Dysthymia but a more severe and persistent & must be x-perienced by the patient nearly every da for at least 2 consecutive weeks.
What depressive disorder has the presence of psychosis which includes delusions & hallucinations?
Major depression w/psychotic features
Major depression w/melancholic features is the ability to x-perience pleasurable activities
False, inability
Bipolar disorder is distinguished from major depression by at least one episode of anxiety or mixed episodes
False, mania
The depression aspect of bipolar is indistinguishable from unipolar depression
Bipolar II is distinguished by full blown mania episodes & is beleved the Bipolar II will turn into Bipolar I eventually
False, distinguishhed by hypomania episodes
85% who have manic episodes will go on to have others
False, 90
Bipolar's can have up to 16 manic episodes per yr. & are considered slow cyclers.
Most suicides happen during a depressive episode or in the recovery phase
Suicide is the __ leading cause of death for children between the ages of 5 & 14
Suicide is the __ leading cause of death for college students
Adolescents have poor impulse control & are at high risk of acting on their suicidal thoughts
People whose father's are aged 45 - 55 at the time of their birth, have 2 - 3 times the chance of developing schizophrenia when they grow up
The average onset of schizophrenia is late adulthood
False, Late adolescence / early adulthood
The onset of schizophrenia w/women in middle & late 40's has a menstrual connection
False, hormone connection
It is believed that males develop a more severe form of schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is more common with females than males
False, males than females
A firmly held erroneous belief is known as a.....
The belief that thoughts are being controlled by an outside force is called....
Thought Insertion
The belief that an outside force has taken ones thoughts is called....
Thought Withdrawl
The belief that radio & television is communicating w/the person is called.....
delusions of reference or referential delusions
A sensory experience that takes place in the absence of any outside stimuli is called....
Name the 5 types of hallucinations:
1. Auditory 2. Visual 3. Tactile 4. Olfactory
5. Gustatory
Hallucinations usually have no relevance in the person's life
False, does have relevance
Hallucinations often reflect the persons fears or traumatic experiences
Auditory hallucinations are the least common
False, most
Auditory hallucinations are negative in nature most of the time
A natural manifestation of a disorder of thought is desorganized speech.
Name some negative symptoms of schizophrenia
Alogia, apathy, asociality, cognitive impairment
Name some positive symptoms of schizophrenia
Hallucinations, delusions, bizarre behavior
What are the 2 types of schizophrenia
Type I & type II
What subtype has increasing suspiciousness, severe difficulty in personal relationships?
Paranoid type
What subtype is characterized by disorganized speech, disorganized behavior & flat or inappropriate affect?
Disorganized type
What subtype is charcterized by pronounced motor signs, rigid body movements, muteness & may mimic others or easily obey commands?
Catatonic type
The undifferentiated type of schizophrenia is used for what type of schizophrenia?
Wastebasket category
Name the 4 windows of Johari
Open, blind, hidden & unknown
Schizophrenia disorder displays features of schizophrenia and what.....
Severe affective disorder
Unipolar depression is the least common mood disorder
False, most common
Name the 5 stages of group development
1. Forming 2. Storming
3. Norming 4. Performing
5. Adjourning
Grief & loss is a numbing & disbelieving condition that can last for yrs. & may be interrupted by intense distress, panic & anger.
Dysthymia is a condition that includes poor appetite, sleep disturbance, low energy, feelings of hopelessness & problems w/concentration.
Major depressive disorder is more severe than dysthymia lasting every day for at least 2 consecutive weeks
Delusions & hallucinations are most often negative in nature
Double depression is a term used to describe someone that has dysthymia & major depression
Seasonal depression is a form of major depression that usually occurs in the summer time
False, winter & fall
Bipolar is distinguished from other mood disorders by the presence of manic episodes.
Onset of bipolar disorder is usually in what stage of life....
Depressed peoples are 75 times more likely to commit suicide than non-depressed people
False, 50
The highest rate of completed suicides are by what population?
the elderly
Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for what population?
College students
Co-occuring clients have a substance abuse problem & a mental disorder
40 - 75% of substance abusers have a mental illness
False, 40 - 66%
Chemical dependency decreases the risk of developing a mental illness
False, increases
Overtime symptoms of both disorders, become linked and go away
False, linked & worsen w/o treatment
Failure to address bothe disorders or waiting for a client to hit bottom is a form of .....
People with co-occuring disorders must attend 2 different programs
A thorough bio-psych-social assessment is not necessary to determine the appropriate level of care for any patient seeking treatment
False, necessary
The ideal size group is 20 people
False, 12 - 13
Strengthing coping skills & preventing further development of dysfunctional behaviors & lifestyles are the purpose of what kind of group?
Psycho-educational group
Group facilitators should carefully plan for group including handouts, break times, length of group & objectives
Life skills group emphasizes the "how to" of different essential tasks.
Process groups are not designed to work through issues & problems that are directly impacting the patient's ability to function
False, they are designed
AA/NA/CA are known as self help groups
Personality disorders are characterized by chronic interpersonal difficulties & problems w/ 1's sense of identity or sense of self
Personlity disorders are classified into 5 clusters in the DSM IV
False, 3
Paranoid, shizoid & schizotypal are all part of what cluster?
Histrionic & borderline disorders belong to which cluster group
Depressive & passive aggressive personality disorders are not identified in the cluster classifications
Paranoid personality disorder is characterized by trusting others too much
False, not trusting
Schizoid personlity disorder is charcterized by the inability fo form social relationships & they have absotutely no desire to do so
Schizoid personality disorder patients appear not cold and distant, but unable to express their feelings
False, they are cold & distant
Schizotypal personlity disorder is characterized by introverted & pervasive social & interpersonal dificits w/cognitive & perceptual distortions, eccentric behavior & communication
Histionic personality disorder is charcterized by attention seeking behavior & emotionality
Narcissistic personality disorder is charcterized by angry temperament and feelings of boredom
False, grandiosity, self-promoting & lack empathy
Borderline personlity disorder is charcterized by impulsivity, inappropriate anger, drastic mood swings & self-mutilation
What disorder causes long & short term memory impairment, involve structural damage to the brain & is evident by disturbance of attention, orientation & intellectual abilities?
Organic disorders
Alcoholic dementia involves the shrinking of the brain tissue that is subsequently replaced with spinal fluid
Fear & panic are basic emotions shared by most animals & humans
Fight or flight us a response of the parasympathetic nervous system
Out of breath, fearful & confused & having feeling of impending doom all appear when a person is having a.....
Panic attack
A group whose primary function is to promote self awareness, support abstinence & recovery is called a.......
Support group
A group whose primary purpose is to educate patients about alchol/drugs, recovery & family dynamics is called a.....
psycho-educational group
A group whose primary focus is to solve problems is called a ........
problem solving group
Initiating is a clinical skill to summarize
False, it is to get the ball rolling
Facilitating a group is a clinical skill used to give feedback
False, encourage participation
Expressing group feelings refers to identifying thoughts and moods common to the group
Giving & seeking feedback is asking the group for their responses as well as the counselors shard responses to the group
What are the qualities of a good group leader?
Reliable, responsiveness, trustworthy, firm identity & fallible
What are the stages of motivation?
Pre-contemplation, contemplation,determination, action & maintenance
The best way to find out if someone is suicidal is to ask open ended questions
False, ask them directly
Why would a counselor notify a supervisor on duty, call the psychiatric evaluation team or dial 911 & stay w/the client until help arrives?
If that patient is sucicidal
An intense reaction of fear lasting a few minutes to several hrs. resulting in shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, chest pains & chills is called.....
Panic Attack
Generalized anxiety disorder is a disorder of chronic worry and global fear
Arare condition where patients have obsessions that are recurrent, persistant, involuntary, thaought, images or ideas that are percieved as upleasant or repugnant is called....
Obsessive compulsive disorder
A condition that arises following exposure to an unusually highly stressful, psychologically traumatic event is called....
Post traumatic stress disorder
Narcissistic is classified into what cluster?
What cluster of personalities appear fearful and anxious?
Type C, avoidant, dependent & obsessive, compulsive
Withdrawl, sadness, paranoia, blunted affect, disorganized, loose association & disassociations are all positive symptoms of schizophrenia
False, just delusion, hallucination & loose association
These are all what of schizophrenia, blunt, flat affect, alogia avolition
Negative symptoms
Deslusions are a reflection of a disturbance of thought content
Anxiety is not a learned response
Agorphobia is a form of anxiety that results in a panic attack where escape could be difficult
The fear of heights is called...
The fear of crowds is called....
The fear of water is called.....
Social anxiety disorder & social phobia are disodrers whereas people fear most social situations but it does not lead to avoidant personality disorder
False, does lead to avoidant personality disorder
Panic attacks rarely last more than one hr. and are usually very brief
Wernicke-Korsadoff's syndrome are not forms of alchoholic dementia
False, they are
What are the 4 components of the addiction cycle?
2. escape 3. using 4.consequences
Cut down, annoyed, guilt, eye opener stand for what kind of screening tool?
According to Gorski the craving cycle consists of what?
Obsession, compulsion, physical craving & drug seeking behavior
According to Bob Tyler, addicts are not bad people trying to be good, but _____ people trying to get ____.
sick, well
Who wrote the Drs. opinion in the AA Book?
William Silkworth
A 12 step sponsor is a guide that helps you along with your recovery
Poor diet is a physical set up for relapse
The ability to cope with uncomfortable feelings is a common cause of relapse.
False, inability
When Bill W. met Dr. Bob in Akron, Ohio, it was known as the first meeting of AA
Toxic shame stems from deep rooted childhood messages.
Casino's are the most common social set-ups for relapse
False, isolation
Not taking your vitamins is one of the most common physdical set-ups for relapse
False, poor diet
When in the craving cycle the addict will block out the negative consequences of his previous drug/alcohol use.
It is not more difficult for people with co-occuring disorders to stay sober
False, more difficult