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what does the SCM divide?
neck into anterior and posterior cervical triangles
what are the boundaries of the anterior cervical triangle?
-anterior border of SCM
-lower border of mandible
-midline of neck
what triangles are above the hyoid?
-submental triangle
-submandibular triangle
what triangles are below the hyoid?
-cartoid triangle
-muscular triangle
what level is the hyoid bone?
where can the thyroid cartilage and laryngeal prominence be palpated?
inferior to hyoid
what level is the cricoid cartilage?
where does the thyrohyoid membrange span?
between hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage
where does the cricothyroid membrange/ligament span?
between the cricoid and thyroid cartilage
what is the location of a breathing tube insertion, and what is it called?
-cricothyroid membrange
the cricothyroid membrange lies inferior to:
the larynx
the root of the neck is bounded by what, and what are considered to be the "thoracic inlet?"
-1st thoracic vertebra
-1st ribs
-costal cartilage of 1st ribs
(first 3 are thoracic inlet)
where does platysma m. extend?
over front and side of neck
what are the superficial structures of the neck?
-anterior jugular vv
-infrahyoid muscles
-cricothyroid m.
what does the anterior jugular vv drain, and what do they meet to form?
-drain the suprahyoid region
-meet to form the venus arch across midline
what do the anterior jugluar vv eventually drain into?
external jugular vv
SCM - innervation?
-spinal accessory nerve
-ventral rami C2 and C3
what mm are in the superficial layer of the infrahyoid mm?
what mm are in the deep layer of the infrahyoid mm?
infrahyoid mm - innervation?
ventral rami C1-C3
-thyrohyoid is just innervated by C1
what is ansa vervialis made up of, and what is it?
ventral rami C1-C3
-an arch of nerves
cricothyroid m. - innervation?
external laryngeal n.
deep structures of the neck?
-thyroid gland
-parathyroid glands
what kind of gland is the thyroid gland?
endocrine gland
what are the L. and R. lobes of the thyroid gland connected by?
why is it difficult to palpate the thyroid gland?
-infrahyoid mm overlie it
what is a goiter?
an enlarged thyroid
what kind of expansion does a goiter have, and why?
inferior expansion
-sternothyroid m. attachment limits upward expansion
what may a goiter do to the trachea?
encroach on the trachea
thyroid gland - blood supply?
rich blood supply
-superior thyroid a.
-inferior thyroid a.
what is the superior thyroid a. a branch of?
external carotid a.
what is the inferior thyroid a. a branch of?
thyrocervical trunk
external laryngeal n. - innervates?
cricothyroid m.
external laryngeal n. - accompanies?
superior thyroid a.
recurrent laryngeal n. - innervates?
vocal cords
recurrent laryngeal n. - travels close to?
inferior thyroid a.
right recurrent laryngeal n. - loops around?
subclavian a.
left recurrent laryngeal n. - loops around?
aortic arch
parathyroid glands - how many?
parathyroid glands - function?
calcium metabolism
parathyroid glands - location?
posterior surface of thyroid gland
esophagus - location?
between trachea and vertebral bodies
esophagus - begins at what level / where?
-inferior border of cricoid cartilage
deeper, lateral structures of neck?
-subclavian aa.
-thyroid duct
most branches come off of what part of the subclavian a?
1st part
subclavian a - 1st decending branch?
internal thoracic a
what does internal thoracic a. lie close to?
phrenic n. (at root of neck)
vertebral a - what kind of branch?
vertebral a - passes through?
transverse foramen of first 6 vertebrae, then foramen magnum
thyrocervical trunk - branches?
-inferior thyroid a
-transverse cervical a.
-suprascapular a
subclavian aa - what branch suplies intercostal spaces and prevertebral mm?
costocervial trunk
largest lymph vessel in body?
thoracic duct
thoracic duct - path?
-ascends to root of neck
-passes posterior to L. carotid sheath
-enters L. brachiocephalic a. at junction of internal jugular v and subclavian vv
cupola - continuation of?
-costal pleura
-mediastinal pleura
cupola - anterior?
-subclavian vessels
-anterior scalene
-phrenic n
carotid sheath - contents?
-internal jugular v
-vagus n
-common carotid a
internal jugular v - path?
-begins at base of skull
-decends within LATERAL part of sheath to base of neck
internal jugular v - joins what, to form what?
joints subclavian v. to form brachicephalic v.
vagus n - what does that branch into, and what does that brach into?
vagus n -> superior laryngeal n -> internal and external laryngeal nn
internal laryngeal n - supplies?
sensory to vocal cords
external laryngeal n - innervates?
-cricothyroid m
-inferior constrictor
common carotid a - lies where in the carotid sheath?
common carotid a - at what level does it split, and what does it split into?
-C4 level
-internal and external carotid aa
common carotid a - lessen bleeding?
pressing against anterior tuberacle of transverse process of C6 (carotid sheath)
carotid sinus - what is it?
dialated initial part of internal carotid a.
(pressure receptor)
carotid body - location?
carotid bifurcation
external carotid a - 4 important branches?
-superior thyroid a
-lingual a
-facial a
-occipital a
lingual a - supplies?
facial a - supplies?
parts of face
occipital a - branches off of?
facial a.
occipital a - supplies?
tissue in occipital region
hypoglossal n - relationship to carotid aa?
crosses them at same place where facial a. and lingual a. branch
ganglia of sympathetic/prevertebral trunk
-superior cervical ganglion
-middle cervical ganglion
-inferior cervical ganglion
-stellate ganglion
superior cervical ganglion - levels?
middle cervical ganglion - location?
-opposite cricoid cartilage
-just superior to carotid tuberacle / C6
inferior cervical ganglion - level?
level of 1st rib
stellate ganglion - what is it?
fusion of inferior cervical ganglion and 1st thoracic ganglion
ansa cervialis - location?
within carotid sheath
ansa cervialis - what is it?
loops of fibers from C1-C3
ansa cervialis - innervates?
infrahyoid mm (thyrohyoid only innervated by C1)