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self;combining form
(seperate)secrete, secretion;combining form
sensation, sensitivity, sense; combining form
come into being, produce; combining form
(something written) a record; combining form
write, record; combining form
healer, physician, treatment; combining form
of one's self; combining form
move; combining form
movement, motion; combining form
destroy, break down; combining form
mucus; combining form
straight, erect, normal; combining form
ear; combining form
(suffering) disease; combining form
fall, drop, sag, prolapse; combining form
love, have an affinity for; combining form
(fire) fever, burning; combining form
fever; combining form
be feverish; combining form
(run) flow, secrete; combining form
(burst forth) flow profusely, hemorrhage; combining form
rupture; combining form
nose; combining form
look at, examine; combining form
(be putrid) be infected; combining form
stretching; combining form
end, completion; combining form
tendon; combining form
tendon; combining form
treat medically, heal; combining form
a cutting, slice, incision; combining form
(a stretching) (muscular) tone, tension; combining form
-ectasia, ectatsis
dilation, enlargement; compound suffix
surgical excision, removal of all or part of an organ; compound suffix
substance that produces(something); compound suffix
formation, origin; compound suffix
causing, producing, caused; compound suffix
by, produced by or in; compound suffix
a record of the activity of an organ; compound suffix
an instrument for recording the activity of an organ; compound suffix
the recording of the activity of an organ; a descriptive treatise dissolution, reduction, decomposition, disintegration; compound suffix
dissolution, reduction, decomposition; compound suffix
pertaining to dissolution or decomposition, disintegration; compound suffix
disease; compound suffix
dropping, sagging, prolapse; compound suffix
profuse discharge, hemorrhage; compound suffix
profuse discharge, excessive secretion; compound suffix
bursting(of tissues), rupture; compound suffix
an instrument for examining; compound suffix
examination; compound suffix
a surgical instrument for cutting; compound suffix
surgical incision; compound suffix