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Who did Chaos give birth to?
Erebus and Night
What also is Erebus?
A division of the underworld; the innermost most dreariest region for the greatest sinners; Furies live here
Who did Night give birth to?
Sleep, Doom, Fate, Nemesis, Death, and Dreams
Who had Love?
Night and Erebus
How is Light born?
Love and Day mate and have Light from a wind-born egg
What is Mother Earth's name?
Who does Gaea have on her own?
Father Heaven and Typhon
What is Father Heaven's name?
What is Typhon?
A volcanic monster with 100 heads
True or False...Gaea and Uranus mated
Who were the first people types?
Gaea and Uranus
Who did Gaea and Uranus have?
The three monster races
What were the three monster races?
Hecatoncheires, Cyclops, and Titans
What are the distinguishing creatures of Hecatoncheires?
They were giant and had 50 heads and 100 hands and they're known as the 100-handed ones
How many Hecatoncheires were there?
what were the distinguishing traits of the cyclops?
They had 1 eye
How many cyclops were there?
How many Titans were there?
What did Cronus do?
He fought his father Uranus (he castrated him- cut out his genitals with a sickle)
What two things came from Cronus's blood?
Giants and Furies
What race were the Giants?
They were the fourth race of monsters
Who were the Furies?
They punished the sinners of the underworld
Who was Eringes?
Cried blood, snake hair
Who came from Cronus's privates?
What are five other important titans?
Rhea, Prometheus, Epinetheus, Atlas, Metis, Oceanus
Who becomes Cronus's wife?
Who were the first people types?
Cronus and Rhea
Who did Cronus and Rhea have?
Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hera, Hestia
What did Cronus do to his children?
He swallowed them
How did Rhea keep Cronus from swallowing Zeus?
She wrapped a rock in swaddling clothes and gave it to Cronus to eat
What does Zeus do when he's grown up?
He goes back to fight Cronus
Why did Cronus swallow his children?
It was prophesized that one of his kids would dethrone him
Who wins?
Where does Zeus send the losers?
To Tartarus
Who was fighting who in the battle between Zeus and Cronus?
Zeus, Prometheus, and other Olympians against Cronus and other Titans
What was Atlas forced to do as a punishment after the the battle?
He was forced to hold the world on his shoulders
Who now has control over Olympus?
Zeus and other Olympians
Who becomes Zeus's wife?
What is Zeus's Roman name?
What is Zeus the god of?
He is the god of rain, the lord of the sky, and the supreme god of Olympus
What are Zeus's symbols?
The thunderbolt, the eagle, and the oak
What is Hera's Roman name?
What is the Hera the goddess of?
She is the goddess of marriage, the protector of women, and the supreme goddess of Olympus
What are Hera's symbols?
The peacock, the wedding ring, and the cow
What is Hades's Roman name?
What is Hades the god of?
He is the god of wealth, lord of the underworld, and god of the dead
What are Hades's symbols?
Helmet of invisibility, gems, minerals, two-prong sphere, and horses
What is Poseidon's Roman name?
What is Poseidon the god of?
He is lord of the sea and lord of earthquakes
What are Poseidon's symbols?
Horses and trident
What is Demeter's Roman name?
What is Demeter the goddess of?
She is the goddess of agriculture and goddess of the harvest
What are Demeter's symbols?
Sheaf of grain, torch, wheat, corn,...any type of grain
What is Athena's Roman name?
What is Athena the goddess of?
She is the goddess of city and handicrafts, the goddess of wisdom, the goddess of war, and the patron goddess of Athens
What are Athena's symbols?
Owl, Ages (her shield with Madoosa's head on it), and the olive tree
What is Ares's Roman name?
What is Ares the god of?
He is the god of war
What are Ares's symbols?
Vulture, sphere, and dog
What is Hephaestus's Roman name?
Vulcan or Mulciber
What is Hephaestus the god of?
He is the lame god of fire and forge and the god of craftsmen
What are Hephaestus's symbols?
Volcano, forge, axe, and hammer
What is Aphrodite's Roman name?
What is Aphrodite the goddess of?
She is the goddess of love, desire, and beauty
What are Aphrodite's symbols?
Dove and mirror
What is Heremes's Roman name?
What is Hermes the god of?
He is the god of thieves and commerce, messenger of the gods, god of dead souls to the underworld, and of of Themes
What are Hermes's symbols?
Winged sandals and caduceus
What is Apollo's Roman name?
What is Apollo the god of?
He is the god of the archer and the god of healing, light, and truth
What are Apollo's symbols?
Golden bow and any musical instrument
What is Artemis's Roman name?
What is Artemis the goddess of?
She is the goddess of the hunt, protector of children, and a virgin goddess
What are Artemis's symbols?
Any wild animals, the silver bow, and moon
What is Hestia's Roman name?
What is Hestia the goddess of?
She is the goddess of the hearth/home and the protector of families
What are Hestia's symbols?
House and hearth