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What kind of place is the underworld?
Shadowy & Ghostly
Where is the underworld located?
Lies beneath the secret places of the earth – the way to it lead over the edge of the world across Ocean
What is the underworld the kingdom of?
The Kingdom of the Dead
Who ruled the underworld?
Ruled by Hades & Queen Persephone
What were the two divisions of the underworld?
Tartarus (the deeper of the two & the prisons of the Sons of Earth) & Erebus (where the dead pass as soon as they died) – Two Divisions
What was the underworld inhabited by?
What is the underworld similar to? Is the Experience real or unreal?
Nothing is real – the ghost existence = miserable dream
Who was the guard of the underworld?
Guard – Cerberus – three headed, dragon tailed dog – permits all to enter, but none to return
Who were the Erinyes?
The Erinyes (the Furies) – placed by Virgil in the underworld where the punish the evil doers – relentless, but just – Usually presented as three  Tisiphone, Megaera, & Alecto
What is the Styx?
Styx - The River of Unbreakable Oath – Of Which the Gods Swear
What is Lethe?
Lethe – The River of Forgetfulness
Who is Charon?
Charon  Aged Boat Man - Brings the souls of the dead across the water to the gate of Tartarus
Who was Pan's father?
What was Pan the cheif of?
Chief of the Lesser Gods of earth
What was Pan also known as?
The Noisy, Merry god, the Goats’ Herds god, the Shepherds’ God
Who does the Homeric Hymn call?
What type of body Pan have?
Part Goat – goat horns and hooves instead of feet
Who is Pan companions with?
The happy companion of the woodland nymphs when they danced
Where was Pan's home?
All Wild Places
Where was Pan born and how did he feel towards his homeplace?
Arcady – Where he was born

He Loved it
What was Pan's hobby?
Wonderful Musician
Who did pan fall in love with?
Always in love with one nymph or another – rejected because he was ugly
Where did Pan get his name?
Sounds heard in the wild at night by wondering men were said to be him – panic = pan