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to write/to draw
εθελω (smooth breathing)
(+ infintive) be willing (to); wish (to)
offer sacrifice/slay/
to steal
to teach
(+ infinitive) hasten (to); strive (to); be eager (to)
stand guard; guard; protect; preserve
(negative adverb used with imperative mood) --- Not
ου (smooth breathing)
(negative adverb used with indicative mood) --- not
(Conjunction) and; (Adverb) also,even
(correlative conjunctions) both...and
to send
αγορα, -ας, η (smooth breathing)
Feminine: marketplace, market
επιστολη, -ας, η (smooth breathing)
Feminine: letter, message
ησυχια, -ας, η
Feminine: leisure, quiet, tranquillity
θεα, -ας, η
Feminine: goddess
σκηνη, -ης, η
Feminine: tent
χωπα, -ας, η
Feminine: land, country, countryside, space, position
εις (smooth breathing)
(preposition + object in accusative case) into/to
εκ (smooth breathing)
(preposition + object in genitive case) out of; εξ (smooth breathing) --- used before words starting with a vowel
εν (smooth breathing)
(preposition + object in dative case) in
ακουω (smooth breathing)
(+ genitive or accusative) hear, listen, listen to
(with accusative or dative + infinitive) order (to); command (to); urge (to)
δεσποινα, ης, η
Feminine: mistress, lady, Lady (title for a goddess)
θαλαττα, -ης, η
Feminine: sea
θεραπαινα, -ης, η
Feminine: servant, maid (female)
κλινη, -ης, η
Feminine: couch, bed
μοιπα, -ας, η
Feminine: destiny, fate
ωρα, -ας, η (rough breathing)
Feminine: season, hour; (with accusative or dative + infinitive --- "it is time to")
επει or επειδη (smooth breathing)
(Conjunction) when, after, since, because
αλλαττω, αλλαξω (smooth breathing)
to change, alter
διωκω, διωξω
pursue, chase, hunt, drive away, banish
εχω (smooth breathing); εξω (rough breathing)
have, hold, possess; (with infinitive) be able (to)
μελλω, μελλησω
(+ future infinitive or present infinitive) be about (to); intend (to);(+ present infinitive) delay (to), hesitate (to)
κορη, -ης, η
Feminine: maiden, girl, daughter
οικια, -ας, η
Feminine: house, household
ετι (smooth breathing)
(Adverb) still, yet, longer
(Adverb) no longer, no more (appropriate with imperative)
ουκετι (smooth breathing)
(Adverb) no longer, no more (appropriate with indicative)
(Adverb) back, backwards, again, once more
αλλα (smooth breathing)
(Conjunction) but --- αλλ' is written before a vowel.
χαιρω, χαιρησω
Be happy; (+ dative) rejoice in, take delight (in)
αδελφη, -ης, η (Smooth Breathing)
Feminine: sister
αδελφος, -ου, ο(rough breathing)
Masculine: brother
ανθρωπος, -ου, ο(rough breathing)
Masculine: human being, person, man, mankind, humankind; Feminine: woman, womankind
θεος, -ου, ο(RB) or η(RB)
Masculine: god; Feminine: goddess
ιππος, -ου, ο (RB) or η(RB)
Masculine: horse; Feminine: mare
λιθος, -ου, ο(RB)
Masculine: stone
λυπη, -ης, η(RB)
Feminine: pain, grief
οδος, -ου, η(RB)- Rough Breathing
Feminine: way, path,road, journey
ποταμος, -ου, ο(RB)
Masculine: river
χαρα, -ας, η(RB)
Feminine: joy, delight
απο (smooth breathing)
(preposition + genitive) away from; indicates movement that begins at the edge of a place; απ' is used before a word beginning with a vowel; αφ' is used before a word with rough breathing
ευρισκω, ευρησω (rough breathing)
find, find out, discover
λειπω, λειψω
leave, leave behind: (transitive, always with a direct object)
βιος, ου, ο(RB)
Masculine: life, lifetime, livelihood
δωρον, -ου, ο(RB)
Neuter: gift
εργον, -ου, το (smooth breathing)
Neuter: work, task, occupation, deed
θησαυρος, -ου, ο(RB)
Masculine: treasure, treasury, storehouse
τεκνον, -ου, το
Neuter: child, offspring
φυτον, -ου, το
Neuter: plant, tree
αγαθος, -η, ον (smooth breathing)
Adjective: good (at doing something), brave, good, virtuous
αξιος, -α, -ον (smooth breathing)
Adjective: worth; (+ genitive or infinitive) worthy (of,to), deserving (to)
καλος, -η, -ον
Adjective: beautiful, handsome, fair (of appearance); (morally) good, fine, noble
δουλευω, δουλευσω
(+ dative) be a slave (to), serve
δεσποτης, -ου, ο(RB)
Masculine: master of the house, lord, despot
μαθητης, -ου, ο(RB)
Masculine: student, disciple
νεανιας, -ου, ο(RB)
Masculine: young man, youth
οικετης, -ου, ο(RB) (Smooth breathing)
Masculine: servant of the house, family member
αθανατος, -ον
Αdjective: immortal, undying
αναξιος, -ον (smooth breathing)
Adjective: worthless; (+ genitive or infinitive) unworthy (of,to), undeserving (of,to)
δουλος, -η, ον
Adjective: enslaved; can be used substantively to mean slave
ελευθερος, -α, -ον (smooth breathing)
Adjective: free; (+ genitive) free of, free from
κακος, -η, -ον
Adjective: ugly, bad (at doing something); cowardly, (morally) bad, evil, wicked
προτερος, -α, -ον
Adjective: former, earlier
λεγω, λεξω
say, speak, tell
πραττω, πραξω
do, act
φευγω, φευξομαι
flee, avoid, escape, be in exile
αληθεια, -ας, η(RB) (smooth breathing)
Feminine: truth
θανατος, -ου, ο(RB)
Masculine: Death
κινδυνος, -ου, ο(RB)
Masculine: danger, risk
φιλος, -η, -ον
Adjective: (+ dative) dear (to); can be used substantively as friend
δε (δ')
(Conjunction)Postpositive: and, but; δ' is used before a vowel
Postpositive Particle: indeed
Correlatives: on the one hand...on the other hand
ο μεν...ο δε
Correlatives: this one...that one; the one...the other; (pl) some...others
ουν (smooth breathing)
Postpositive particle: therefore, then