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Two seas that border Greece are the:
The Mediterranean, and the Aegean
The peninsula Athens is located on is
In Greece it has always been hard to travel by the land because
the land has lots of hills and mountains
In Athens, life centered around
the agora and the acropolis
Spartan males spent the most of their life
training in the military
An oligarchy is
a small group of aristocrats and a smaller number from the middle class
The two city-states who fought in the Peloponnesian War were
The city-state that lost the Peloponnesian War was
Women and slaves had few rights in
Athens and Sparta
Zeus, king of the gods, was worshipped in
A group that makes decisions in a court is called a
When people vote to make a decision,this is called a
A safe place along a coast, to protect ships is called a
A group of lawmaking people who vote on issues is called an
A government by one ruler is called a
The thoughtful way to live right is called
Land that is mostly surrounded by water is called a
What another Greek word for City-State?
Every country or community has people that have certain rights and responsibilities. They are called
The period of time when Pericles led Athens was . . .
The Golden Age
Who was Socrates?
a philosopher who question the laws of Athens.
Who was Herodotus?
He wrote about ancient Greece and is known as the father of history
Who was Pericles
He was the leader from Athens that let poor people take part in the government
Who was Alexander the Great?
He was the king that conquered Greece
Who was Homer?
He was a poet who told the adventures of Odysseus
Name 2-4 things that were in the Golden Age of Greece. (think of the pictures from the front page of your packet on I.N. pg.26)
Parthenon, Agora, Pericles, and Plato