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What is related to force and motion?
For _____ to take place, an object, or load, must move as the result of force acting upon it in the direction of its movement
Work is defined as:________________ . In this formula, force is equal to the weight of the load.
force x distance = work
Work is increased in two ways: an increase in the _____ of the load and an increase in the ________moved.
weight, distance
Friction is a _______that takes place when one _______ slides against another.
force ,surface
_________ is helpful to us in many ways. ___________ allows us to slow down a car, grab an object, and stop when we are running.
Friction, Friction
Friction makes work more ___________. With friction we must increase _______ for work to take place.
difficult, force
Friction can be decreased in two ways: ___________ and ____________
lubrication and wheels.
Friction is _________ just before an object moves. This is called _________ friction.
greatest, starting
Friction ________ when an object is in ________. This is called sliding friction.
lessens, motion, sliding
Friction ________ when an object rolls on wheels. This is called _____________.
lessens, rolling friction
The amount of friction depends upon the amount of _______ between the two objects or surfaces. Therefore, _________objects create more friction when being moved and lighter objects create less friction when being moved.
force, heavier
Tools make work easier because they _______ ___ ______ applied to the work.
change the force
Tools magnify force and ______ ___ ______ of the force.
alter the direction
With tools we can do work with ________ ______ ____ _______.
less force or effort