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Emergency Banking Relief Act
authorized the government to examine the finances of banks closed during the bank holiday and reopened the ones that were considered safe
Federal Deposit Income Corporation (FDIC)
guaranteed individual bank deposits up to $5000
Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC)
provided refinancing of small homes to prevent foreclosures
Farm Credit Administration
provided low interest farm loans and mortgages to prevent foreclosures on the property of farmers in debt
Federal Emergancy Relief Administration (FERA)
offered grants of money to states and local governments that were opporating in benefit to the needy (Harry Hopkins)
Public Works Administration (PWA)
gave money to state and locan governments to build public stuff like damns roads and bridges(Harold Ickes)
Civil Conservation Corps (CCC)
employed young guys to work on government land and send home money
Tennesee Valley Authority (TVA)
built damns in TN Valley, brought jobs electricity, and prevented flooding
National Recovery Administration (NRA)
Attempt to guarantee reasonable profits for business and fair wages for labour, right to organize and bargin collectively.(Hugh Johnson) Unconstitutional Schechter v. U.S.
Agricultrual Adjustment Administraion (AAA)
encouraged production on farms and offered to pay gvt subsidies for ever acre they did for the gov. Unconstitutional (1953)
Civil Works Administration (CWA)
added to PWA and added jobs (temp by federal gvt)
Works Progress Administration
Employed many ppl and paid them double, artists, writers, painters, and actors included
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
created to regulate the stock market and place strict limits on the kind of speculation (policed)
Federal Housing Administraion (FHA)
gave the contruction industry and homeowners a boost by insuring bank loans for building new houses
Resettlement Administration (RA)
provided loands to share croppers, tenants, and small farmers, established federal camps where migrant workers could find decent housing (Brain Trust)
National Labour Relations (Wagner) Act
1935 replaced National Industrial Recovery Act, granted workers the right to join union and bargin collectiveley, National Labor Relations Board
Rural Electrification Act
agency provided loans for electrical cooperatives to supply power in rural areas
Social Securities Act
Granted Social Securities
Fair Labour Standards Act
minimum wage, maximum workweek of 40 hrs, 1.5 for overtime, child labour restrictions for under 16