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repealed law that didnt work
provided jobs in liquor industry and
gov't raises taxes from sales
an amendment / change made in contitutition by fdr
Lame Duck Amendment
fdr is last president to take oath in march
amendment by fdr
banking holiday
takes us off gold standard
the dole
provided states with money to provide for ppl ni distress such as work/direct relief ( welfare )
Huey Long
threat to fdr "share wealth program"
critized the new deal
bonus marchers
veterans demand money now and hoover says no and gets militrary to invade them and uses tear gas young kids are killed
Muscle Showls Project
The gov't opens up dams to provide electricty. hoover rejected it and sopprts public work programs
hoover rejected
Reconstruction finance corp
program to give loans to major industries
Hawley Smoot Tariff
raised rates to highest in hisotry
clogged international trade.
Agricultural Market Act
first time gov't provides program to regulate production
* tried to stabelize farm porced
set up federal farm board
hoover moratorium
puts a halt on war debt in hopes it will bring up the economy of great britian and france resulting in bring up our economy
Dr.Francis Townsen
wants gov to give $200 a month to seniors so that they have to spend it and stimulate economy.
Father Charles Coughlin
Radio priest critical of banks want nationalized banks anti semitit _ against jewish