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Was the market crash a major cause of the depression?
No, a symptom.
Talk bout the market crash
unemployment started to soar, the stock market died, because so much money was lent out. people couldn't pay it back
What are the two major causes of the great depression?
-Banking Crisis, Overproduction, etc.
-Buying off credit didn't work out
What is the downward spiral?
Could buy what factories made, lost jobs, less money to make purchases, no sales, factories closed. layoffs forced bankruptcy
What did the bonus army do
world was 1 went to washington, caped in city along patomic river, senator rejectded their demand, many left, 2,000 stayed,hoover sent in army with tanks to clear them out. hoover lost the little support he had
when did the bonus army happen
when did the dust bowl happen??
what was the cause of the dustbowl
poor farming practices
what was the impact of the dustbowl
uprooted families, choked people and animals, stores closed, farmland ruined
what did people have to become because of the dust bowl??
migrant workersss
what technique did hoover use??
the trickle down one
who did hoover want to help out first?
big bussiness. the guy at the top
did hoovers stuff work
what was fdr's technique to solving the depression
he helped the poor with the three r's
what were the 3 r's?
relief to poor and unemploed
recovery of bussiness
reform of the system
what was fdr's braintrust?
a set of college proffesors who were experts and they advised him
what did fdr believe in
strong central govt.
whats a bank holiday and who used it?
fdr. banks closed for 8 days durin the year
what act did fdr pass
emergency banking relief act
what were the things fdr that calmed americans
fireside chats on the radio.
how did fdr pay for everythin
defecit spending (using more money than you got)
what is the new deal
new programs to help!
why was it the new DEAL
the game is over, get a fresh hand for everyone
what was the nra
system that kept wages and prices high.and didnt hire kidz
gross national product-up or down
went downnnn
consumer spending went up or down
unemployment rate? up or down
it increased, dawg.
what gave money o farmers not to grow certain crops and whats this called
Agricultural Adjustment Administration-Subsidy
Supreme Court? how many judges then, now, and what did fdr wanna do
9 judges then, and now. fdr wanted 6 more to have 15 so the majority would vote with him, but that was a mistake mannn
Laissez Fare?
that the govt. should have little to do with bussiness. (FREE ENTERPRISE!!!)
Whats that thinggggg that fdr passed that said bissines had to negotiate with labor unions
the wagner act
the act that increased income teaxes on the rich??
revenue actt!
done done done