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the practice of making high risk investments in hopes of making high gain
purchasing stock by borrowing part of the price from stockbrokers
on margin
photographer who showed the nation the realities of the Depression
Dorothea Lange
an item of value that a borrower agress to forfeit to the lender if the borrower cannot repay a loan
the collapse of the stock market
stock market crash
what was the date of the stock market crash?
tuesday, october 29, 1929
early in his administration, FDR pushed many programs through congress in the period known as the _________
Hundred Days
the ______ was a region in the Great Plains where drought and dust storms took place for much of the 1930s
Dust Bowl
the __________ were 9 African American young men wrongly accused of rape and who unjustly served many years in prison
Scottsboro Boys
Great Plains farmers were nicknamed _______.
Panhandle means ______.
to beg
What was "America's Breadbasket"?
The Great Plains
FDR's weekly radio broadcasts were called his "____________".
"Fireside Chats"
By what is a depression characterized?
1. Widespread unemployment
2. Falling wages
How was the stock market regarded?
As the Nation's "economic weathervane"
The ________ was comprised of WWI veterans who went to Washington to ask Congress for bonus for fighting.
Bonus Army
_____ was President during the earliest years of the Depression , but he was followed by _______.
Hoover / FDR
Five causes of the Great Depression
1. Stock market crash
2. Overproduction & Underconsumption
3. High tariffs on foreign goods caused decline in demand for American goods
4. Bank failures
5. Mistakes made by the Federal Reserve
Five visible signs of the Depression
1. Soup kitchens and breadlines
2. "For rent" notices
3. Absence of activity
4. Men selling things on street corners
5. Decline in business activity
When a farmer's land was auctioned off and often given back to him
Penny Auctions
What were FDR's three R's?
Relief, Reform, Recovery
Two reasons why the stock market crashed
1. People bought stock "on margin"
2. People began to sell their stocks
According to FDR, "...the only thing we have to fear is ____ itself."
Provides retirement benefits, aid to needy groups and unemployed, and provides disability insurance.
Social Security
3 types of insurance offered by Social Security
Retirement, Disability, Unemployment
Said compares who sold stock must give complete and truthful information to investors about stocks and bonds; operated as an independent agency to regulate the stock market and prevent fraud
SEC (Securities and Economy Commission)
_________ is the name given to FDR's program of repairing the economy and putting the people back to work.
The New Deal
For what do the letters TVA stand?
Tennessee Valley Authority
Five states which benefitted from the TVA.
1. AL
2. GA
3. KY
4. MS
5. NC
________ is the legal procedure for reclaiming a piece of property when the buyer is unable to keep up the mortgage payments.
What ultimately enabled the U.S. to get out of the Great Depression?
Guaranteed bank deposits up to $2,500
FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.)
2 significant actions/agency begun by the Glass-Stegall Banking Act
Began FDIC
Made it illegal for banks to invest in the stock market