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What was hardings campaign?
return to how things were before the war
what did dorwey do in in harding scandal?
he sold liquor licenses during probition
What did thom miller do in harding scandal?
he sold the formula for plastic
what did albert folle do during harding scandal?
sold the rights to drill reserved land
which president followed harding?
what were resons leading to the great depression?
-no one spending cash
-unemployment due to tech.
-wild speculation
-excess production
what was the 1921 washington armigton conference about?
they wanted to reduce the amount of arms in certain countries
what was the 1928 kellog breand packed?
war is illegal
when was black thursday?
oct 29 1929
who replaced coolidge in 1928?
what were some of hoovers solutions?
-buy farmer surplus
-public construction
-loan to bussiness
what was hoovers fed farm act?
buy farmer surplus
In the elction of 1932 who replaced Hoover?
F. Roosevelt
what was roosevelt know for?
his first 100 days
What did F.R do with banks during 100 days?
he would look at bank records and close the bad ones
Whats was F.R glass stegal act?
it was insurance for banks
What was F.R banking act of 1935?
gov. set banks interest rates
WHats was F.R security and exchange commision?
made sure thers no hanky panky goin on with companys on stock market
what was the NRA?
National recover administration
-set production quots
-set prices
Why did the NRA fail after the schecter poultry vs USA?
it was declared unconstitutional because it regulated intrastate commerce
what was the AAA?
Agricultural adjustment act
-paid farmers not to grow on certain land ,thus driving prices
What was D.R CCC?
civilian conservation corps
-workers would work for the gov. get half pay and there famillies get the other half
What was F.R FHA?
federal housing act
-longt term low interest loans
who was hewey long?
take from rich give to poor
who was townsend?
people oover 65 woulld get 200$/month that they would have to spend
what was coughlin idea?
gov. own big bussiness
what was the secound new deal?
revenue act
-75% tax on income over 5 milllion

-social security act
wagner act?
regulated bussiness and protected workers
when F.R was re-elected what did he do?
he put a new judge in for every judge over 75 to get rid of sole power
what was the FCC?
the federal communicatino commission
-oversee radio and phone
whats AFL?
american federation of labor
what is the CIO?
congress industrial organization
-set out to create uninions
Whats UAW?
union of auto workers
economy act of 1932?
married man and women couldnt both have federal jobs
what was the southern veto?
southern congress was getting powerfull and they didnt want blacks to advance with new deal
who was prohibited from colecting social security?
-domestic workers=women
-agricultural workers=blacks
indian reorganization act?
they got to govern themselves
The negative of Roosevelts alphabet agencies?
they would disremenaye and in some cases hold jobs back
the national reesource planning board did what?
made wellfare a state thing and not fed?