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Buying stock with little or no research.
law that made it easier for workers to organize into labor unions
Wagner Act
the Senator who supported a "share the wealth" program
Huey Long
FDR's plan to get people to stop hording money
Bank Holiday
buying stock with a loan
priest who gave a radio address critical to the New Deal (Royal Oak)
Charles Coughlin
First female cabinet member
Francis Perkins
someone who immigrated out of the dust bowl regions
the government act the made the Depression even worse in Europe and the US
hawley Smoot
The act which set up the FDIC
Glass Steagle
led toops into Washington to disband the "Bonus Army"
Douglas MacArthur
3 causes of the dust bowl
drought, high winds, overproduction of crops
Who made up the bonus army that marched on Washington?
WWI Vets and their families
Which of the New Deal Policies are still around today?
Social Security Act
the system for giving food and money to the poor
direct relief
candidates for president in 1932
Hoover & Roosevelt
men & boys who road the rails looking for work
New Deal policies helped to __________by decreasing farm surpluses
raise the price of farm goods
FDR introiduced his plan to fet America our of the Depression during
the first 100 days
Friend of Eleanor Roosevelt
Mary Mcleod Bethune
Over 100,000 Americans immigrated to ___________ during the Depression
Soviet Union
An economic plan that helps the economy but leads to high deficits
Key Economics
October 29, 1929
Black Tuesday
Shanty Towns that sprang up
monitors investments for illegal activity
set up the hydro- electric power in many parts of the rural south
21st amendment
ended prohibition
gave farm subsidies to farmers for not harvesting their crops
put people to work in "out of door" settings
loan program for 1st time homebuyers