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Nicola Sacco and Batolomeo Vanzetti were charged with, and convicted of what?
Robbery and Murder
to expand its membership in the 1920's the Ku Klux Klan emgaged in all of the fllowing.
1. Blaming national problems on immigrants
2. playing on peoples fear of Communism
3. allowing members to profit from recruting new members.
According to Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, what was "eating its way into the homew of American workman, its sharp tongues...liking the altars of the Churches"
why was the Kellogg-Brian Pact concidered to be useless
it prvided no means of enforcing the "no war" argument
it failed to include several of the strongest militarty powers
what called for the abolition of private property in order to equally distrbute wealth and power?
to protect their own interests, employers (in the 1920's) often accused striking workers of being what?
Fudamentalists belived that:
the bible should be taken literally
the main significance of the trial or John T. Scopes was that:
it highlighted the struggles between science and religion in American schools
what were cause of teh Dust Boal?
1. overproduction of crops
2. drought
3. high winds
after the stock market crash, how did prsident hovver try to help the economy?
by asking businesses not to lay off employees
what dose buying stock on margin mean
borrowing money to help pay for the stock, while paying a small sown payment
what name was given to the men who rode the rails as they searched for work?
style of government system which gives payments of food to the poor
Direct Relief
Buying stocks on the chance of a quick prfit without considering risks is know as
one long-range effect of teh Great Depression was that many people:
Developed habits of saving and thriftiness
Within a few years, the Hawely-smoot Tariff Act led to:
A dramatic drop in world trade
What was the first major action Roosevelt took as president?
Closing all of the nation’s banks and ordering inspections
Who was the first woman to serve in the presidential cabinet?
Frances Perkins
By decreasing farm surpluses, New Deal policies helped to;
Raise the price of farm goods
Which group would have been least likely to be part of the New Deal Coalition
Big Business interests
Who promoted the idea of African Americans returning to Africa and founded the universal Negro Improvement Association?
Marcus Garvey
The Harlem Renaissance refers to:
A celebration of African-American Culture in literature and art
Andrew Mellon’s views of how to help the economy:
Trickle down economics, Mellon proposed that money be given to businesses and wealthy (with Tax cuts), so that the money could come down through the system and create jobs for the unemployed
John Maynard Keynes views of how to help the economy:
Trickle-up economics, or greasing the pump. Giving money to the poor and creating more jobs, then the jobs will self provide and create more jobs, so everyone gets richer, plus deficient spending.
Protected the right of workers to join unions and practice collective bargaining; established the national Labor relations Board to settle disputes between employers and employees.
Wagner Act
Provided for cooperation between businesses to set prices in order to limit competition and also established standards for working hours and a ban on child labor.
Provided a means for the government to regulate the supply of farm products and therefore regulate the price of farm goods by paying farmers to reduce production.
Lowered Mortgage rates for homeowners and allowed farmers to refinance farm loans t avoid foreclosure.
Created to reform and restore confidence in stock market by providing a means to monitor the market and enforce laws regarding the sales of stocks and bonds.
Created through the Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933, this originally protected up to $5000 of an individual’s bank account.
Provided a pension for retired workers and their spouses and helped people with disabilities
Social Security
Addressed the problems of unemployment and poverty by creating jobs that ranged from the construction of airports and libraries to the sewing of clothing for the needy.
Put hundreds of thousands of young single en to work building roads, developing parks, planting trees and helping in soil-erosion and flood-control projects.
Who said: “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
What African-American sang in front of the Lincoln Memorial?
Marion Anderson
Who said: “the business of America is business.”
Calvin Coolidge
Who said: “Share our Wealth” “Make every man a King”
Huey Long
Who said: “Return to Normalcy”
Who said: “I have no trouble with my enemies. It is my friends that keep me walking the floor at night.”
Who said: “A little depression is good, it purges the rottenness out of the system”
Who said: “People accuse me of being criminal but all I do is provide a public service.”
Al Capone
Who said: “There is not right to strike against the public safety anywhere, anytime.”
Who said: “Black is Beautiful”
Marcus Garvey
Who said: “Rugged Individualism”
Who said: “Our Great Depression is cause by the international Jewish conspiracy”
Charles Coughlin
Who said: “The man who builds a factory builds a temple. The man who works there worships there.”
Calvin Coolidge
Who said: “when you have spent all day trying to move your big toe you begin to understand the suffering of others.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who was an All-American in football at Rutgers, graduated Phi Beta Kappa in law, this person was a famous African –American singer and actor accused of communist sympathies.
Paulo Robeson
Ohio Gang:
Harding’s friends and Cabinet members, often ties were called corrupt
Volstead Act:
The banning of production, selling, drinking of alcohol
Bonus Army:
A large group of WW1 veterans and their families who journeyed to D.C. to demand the payment for services rendered I the war. Congress had promised this payment in 1945. Hoover eventually set the army on them to make them move on.
Fireside Chats:
Radio conversations in which FDR would explain his policies to Americans
American Liberty League
A wealthy conservative group against FDR and the New Deal
Brain Trust
FDR’s group of professional advisors he used to help him get the U.S. out of depression
A young woman of the 20’s who pushed the boundaries of fashion and culture.
“Court packing” Bill
FDR’s attempt to expand the Supreme Court to gain control over it, which Failed.
Smugglers of alcohol during prohibition
The policy of with drawing from world affairs, US began this after WW1
Hundred Days
The hundred days after FDR was elected president where he pushed more laws through congress then any other president in that time period.
Lost Generation
A number of authors who retired to Europe because they were so disgusted with American life in the 20’s. One was Scott Fitzgerald
Birth of a Nation
A video created in the south that glorified the KKK as the heroes of America, contributed to its rebirth.
October 29, 1929 (Name and Define)
Black Tuesday, Day of the Largest stock market plunge ever. Signaled the beginning of the Great Depression.