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Who is Pilgrim's Progress by:
John Bunyan
what century is PP publised?
17th century-1678
What king ruled during the PP?
King James
What king was Bunyan born under?
king charles in 1628
Did Bunyan ever go to a Baptist chruch?
yes in 1654
Was Bunyan jailed for any reason?
Yes, in 1661 for preaching at an illegal chruch service.
Did Bunyan publish any books in prision?
yes three
form of extended metaphor in which objects, persons, and actions in a marrative are equated with meaings that lie outside teh narrative itself.
literary representations of objects, persons,or actions emboding abstract concepts refering to them indirectly and are not exhausted by them.
didatic literature
literature intended for instruction
a Puritan belief that The Old Testament prefigures The New Testament
Emphasized predestination
What does TULIP stand for?
T: Total Depravity
U: Uncondition election
L:Limited Atonment
I: Irresistible Grace
P: Perserverance of Saints
What do Puritans stress?
autobiographical testimony
How do Puritans preach?
they use vivid language that is used in everyday life.
What is the Protestant Work Ethic?
everything you do in your life must be done wisely, otherwise you are wasting time adn they refuse to do this
Why does Bunyan write the Apology?
Because of the Protestant Work Ethic and he justifies himself for writing Pilgrim's Progress.
What is Christian's justification for leaving his family?
he would be destroy if he stayed
Violent aspects of religion are prevalent in PP. Where?
All the battles, Esp. with Appoyln and Christian. Also, at the Palace with Charity there is armour.
Who wrote Petersburg?
Andrei Bely
What are some Characteristics of Modernism?
Importance of Myth and Primitive Culture
Atonomy of Art
Stuck in yourr own head. The mind breates reality, we create the world in the act of perceiving
seperation from the rest of society
Separate from the masses
Atonomy of Art
Art is an ideal order that suffices for the chaotic order of the modern world
Post Modernism Dates
What are some characteristics of Post Modernism?
Celebration of surface over depth

Distrust of linear history-they focus on teh moment

No true reality underlying our perception

Self-Hood as preformance. Artwork is the performance and the artist is the performer

does not seperate anything
Art=Self-reflexive,it draw attention to tiself as itself
When was the Czar establised?
In 1703 who founded what Russian City?
Peter the Great, Petersburg
What is Petersburg also called?
the most modern city of europe
what war was going on in 1905?
The Russo-Japanese War
What happens in 1905?
The revolution begins adn it forces Nickolas II to establish a parliment and consistution
What was establised in 1917
The USSR, the capital moved to Moscow and the Bolshevick revolution began
What is Stalin's Great Purge?
occurred from 1936-1953 and he took people who were not perfect to concentration camps or he just killed them
What country invades Russia in 1941?
What did Andrei Bely's father do?
he was a mathmatician. He was interetsed in relgion and mysticism
birth of tragedy
Name three quick things about modernism?
Who is Things Fall Apart by?
chiuna achebe
Post-Colonial Literature
Literature produced by writers involved with nations that have gained independece from colonial regimes.
What are some characteristics of post-colonial literature
they celebrate indeginous cultural values and practices while denegrating western coloinial attitudes

there is a intense focus on political issues
back to postmodern, what is a parody
imitation of the style of another work
What is pastiche
patchwork of several styles
Where was slavery abolished by the British in 1832?
The West Indies
During 1871-1912 what was at its height?
global european impearlism
in 1884-1885 what conference divided Africa up?
the berlin Conference
What were the two countries of Africa that remained free?
Liberia and Ethiopia
What is Pan-Africanism?
Celebration of Africa away from Africa. It was a political movement
What was iniated in 1913 dealing with the native land act?
Apartiee-institutional segregation
What country gaines its independence first from British?
When was Things Fall Apart published?
What was happening in the 1960's with African colonies?
They were gaining their independence from british control.