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As the hurricane's foce ABATED, the winds dropped and the sea became calm.
to reduce in amount, degree, or severity
The patron ABSCONDED from the restaurant without paying his bill by sneaking out the back door.
to leave secretly
She ABSTAINED from choosing a mouthwatering dessert from the tray.
to choose not to do something
The subamarine dove into the ABYSS to chart the previously unseen depths.
an extremely deep hole
The restaurateur made his ketchup last longer by ADULTERATING it with water.
to make impure
The vegetarian ADVOCATED a diet containing no meat.
to speak in favor of
Followers of the AESTHETIC Movement regarded the pursuit of beauty as the only true purpose of art.
concerning the appreciation of beauty
The supervisor sought to AGGRANDIZE himself by claiming that the achievements of his staff were actually his own.
to increase in power, influence, and reputation
Taking aspirin helps to ALLEVIATE a headache.
to make more bearable
Giant indrustries AMALGAMATED with Mega Products to form Giant-Mega Products Incorporated.
to combine; to mix together
The directions he gave were so AMBIGUOUS that we disagreed on which way to turn.
doubtful or uncertain; able to be interpreted several ways
The doctor was able to AMELIORATE the patient's suffering using medical marijuana.
to make better, to improve
The aged hippie used ANACHRONISTIC phrases like groovy an far out that had not been popular for years.
something out of place in time
In a famous argument for the existence of God, the universe is ANALOGOUS to a mechanical timepiece, the creation of a divinely intelligent "clockmaker."
similar or alike in some way; equivalent to
Albino animals may display too great an ANOMOLY in their coloring to attract normally colored mates.
deviation from what is normal
The child discovered that he could ANTAGONIZE the cat by pulling its tail.
to annoy or provoke to anger
The ANTIPATHY between the French and the English regularly erupted into open warfare.
extreme dislike
The APATHY of voters is so great that less than half the people who are eligible to vote actually bother to do so.
lack of interest or emotion
Since the couple could not come to agreement, a judge was forced to ARBITRATE their divorce proceedings.
to judge a dispute between two opposing parties
Her ARCHAIC Commodore computer could not run the latest software.
ancient, old-fashioned
Bishop's ARDOR for landscape was evident when he passionately described the beauty of the scenic Hudson Valley.
intense and passionate feeling