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Not easily exhaustible, tireless, dogged

Her indefatigable good humor was legendary; she never seemed out of sorts no matter how annoying everyone around her was.

His indefatigability paid off when he won the dance contest after dancing for fourteen hours.
Foolishly impractical, marked by lofty, romantic ideals

His quixotic plan to build a house out of twinkies came to a predicatable end when he ate most of his building materials.
adj; unfortunate, inappropriate

It was an unfelicitous mix-up when the clown and the exotic dancer got the wrong addresses to the birthday parties at which they were supposed to perform

In Thai culture it is considered infelicitous to touch someone's head, and it is also inappropriate to use your food to point at a person.
To lessen in intensity or degree
Quick, keen, or accurate knowledge
Her acumen in anticipating her opponent's strategy is legendary; it's what makes her so hard to beat.
Adj; dealing with, appreciative of, or responsive to art or the beautiful
To make better or more tolerable
John was sure that nothing could ameliorate the taste of beats; brussels sprouts, on the other hand, could be made quite palatable with the introduction of plenty of butter.
Adj; diametrically opposed, as in antithesis
Nothing could be more antithetical to the spirit of sportsmanship than point shaving
Adj; majestic, venerable

The august presence of the pharaohs endures through the millennia, embodied in their massive tombs.