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n philatelist
stamp-collector; N. philately: stamp collecting
n philistine
narrow-minded person, uncultured and exclusively interested in material gain; uncultured person who is indifferent to artistic and cultural values; member of an ancient people in Palestine; OP. aesthete
n philology
study of language or words
n phlegmatic
calm and unexcitable; not easily disturbed; CF. phlegm: sticky mucus produced in the respiratory tract
morbid fear
symbol of immortality or rebirth; Ex. phoenix rising from its ashes
n phylum
major classification, second to kingdom, of plants and animals; category ranking below a kingdom and above a class; division
n physiognomy
face (as showing the character and the mind); art of judging human character from facial features
n physiological
pertaining to the science of the function of living organisms; N. physiology
n piebald
of different colors; mottled; spotted in different colors (esp. in black and white); Ex. piebald horse; CF. pie+bald
n piecemeal
one part at a time; gradually; in stages; Ex. read a novel piecemeal
n pied
piebald; variegated(many-colored); multicolored
devoutness; reverence for God; ADJ. pious
n pigment
coloring matter (usually powder to be mixed with water or oil)
punish by placing in a wooden frame or pillory; subject or expose to criticism and ridicule; N.
n pine
long for; yearn; languish from longing or grief; decline
n pinion
restrain or immobilize by binding the wings or legs; N: bird's wing
peak; highest point; acme; Ex. pinnacle of fame
devout; religious; N. piety
n piquant
pleasantly tart-tasting; spicy; pleasantly stimulating; Ex. piquant situation when my old enemy asked for my help
s tart
sharp to the taste; acid-tasting; caustic; sarcastic; Ex. tart apple/reply
s sour
having a sharp or acid taste; acid; tart; bad-tempered; V.
irritation; resentment from wounded pride (eg. loss in a contest); V: provoke; arouse; annoy; cause to feel resentment; Ex. pique her curiosity
n piscatorial
pertaining to fishing; CF. Pisces
hidden danger; concealed trap
s beware
be cautious (of)
n pith
core or marrow; spongelike substance in the center of stems; essence; substance
s marrow
soft fatty tissue that fills most bone cavities and is the source of blood cells
concise and meaningful; substantial; meaty
n pittance
small amount (of money); small allowance or wage
of a pivot; central; critical; crucial
pacify; bring peace to; conciliate; appease
n placebo
harmless substance prescribed as a dummy pill
s tablet
small round piece of medicine; flat piece of stone or metal bearing an inscription; Ex. stone tablet on the wall
peaceful; calm; Ex. placid child/lake
n plagiarize
steal another's ideas or writings and pass them off as one's own; Ex. ideas plagiarized from my article; N. plagiarism; CF. kidnap
n plaintive
expressing sorrow; mournful; Ex. plaintive song
n plait
braid; interwine; interweave strands or lengths of; make by weaving strands together; Ex. plaited hair; N: braided length as of hair o fabric; CF. pigtail, ponytail
n plasticity
ability to be molded; ADJ. plastic: capable of being shaped or molded; Ex. plastic material such as clay
trite remark; commonplace statement; ADJ. platitudinous
s commonplace
ordinary; N: something ordinary or common; trite remark
s commonwealth
nation governed by the people; republic; people of a nation
purely spiritual; theoretical; without sensual desire
n plaudit
praise; enthusiastic approval; round(succession or series) of applause; ADJ. plauditory; CF. applaud
conceivably true; having a show of truth but open to doubt; specious
n plebeian
common; vulgar; pertaining to the common people; N: common people in ancient Rome; CF. patrician
s plebiscite
direct vote by the entire electorate (on an important issue)
s referendum
direct vote by all the people
n plenary
(of power) complete; full; fully attended by all qualified members; Ex. plenary power
n plenitude
abundance; plenty; great amount; completeness; fullness; CF. plenary, plenty
n plethora
excess; overabundance; Ex. a plethora of excuses
flexible; easily influenced; yielding; adaptable
flexible; easily influenced
difficult condition; condition or state (esp. a bad state or condition); predicament
n pluck
courage; V: pull off or out; pull out the hair or feathers of; ADJ. plucky: courageous; brave
n plumage
feathers of a bird;
n plumb
exactly vertical; N: weight on the end of a line; V: examine very carefully or critically in order to understand; measure depth (by sounding); Ex. plumb the depth of
s plumber
one who installs and repairs pipes and plumbing(pipes)
n plummet
fall sharply; fall straight down; Ex. Stock prices plummeted.
society ruled by the wealthy
doctor who treats ailments of the feet; chiropodist; N. podiatrics
pedestal; raised platform
s pedestal
support or base as for a pillar or statue
n poignancy
quality of being deeply moving; keenness of emotion; ADJ. poignant: touching; deeply moving; (of sorrow, grief, etc.) painful; keenly distressing to the mind; Ex. poignant memory/anxiety; CF. prick
n polarize
split into opposite extremes or camps
s polarity
state of having two opposite qualities
s polar
of a pole; characterized by opposite extremes; Ex. polar opposites
s camp
group sharing a common cause or opinion
n polemic
attack or defense of an opinion; controversy or refutation; argument in support of point of view; N. polemics: art of debate or controversy
n polemical(polemic)
aggressive in verbal attack; disputatious (rather than simply expressing opinions)
prudent; judicious; well judged; expedient; well devised
(particular form of) political organization; form of government of nation or state; Ex. student polity
one who has more than one spouse at a time; CF. bigamy; CF. polyandry
speaking several languages; multilingual; Ex. polyglot person/society; N.
self-important behavior; acting like a stuffed shirt(pompous person); ADJ. pompous: self-important
n ponderous
having great weight; weighty; unwieldy; lacking lightness; dull; Ex. ponderous body/style of writing
n pontifical
pertaining to a bishop or pope; pompous or pretentious; CF. pontiff: pope; bishop
n pore
study industriously; ponder; scrutinize; Ex. pore over the book; N.
full of pores; like a sieve
s interstice
narrow space between things
foretell; presage; be a sign or warning of; N. portent: sign; omen; forewarning
s soothsayer
one who foretells the future
n portly
stout; corpulent
s stout
rather fat; strong in body; sturdy; resolute; determined; strong in determination; Ex. stout stick/supporter
n poseur
person who pretends to be sophisticated, elegant, etc., to impress others; person who poses; CF. pose
s pose
assume a particular posture; put forward; present; affect a particular attitude (to impress others); Ex. pose a threat; N.
n posterity
descendants; future generations; Ex. go down to posterity; CF. posterior, anterior
n posthumous
after death (as of child born after father's death or book published after author's death); coming or occurring after one's death; Ex. posthumous fame/novel
s postmortem
autopsy; ADJ: occurring after death; of a postmortem
n postulate
self-evident truth; something assumed without proof; V: assume the truth of (as a basis of an argument)
n posture
assume an affected pose; act artificially; N: pose; attitude
n potable
suitable for drinking; drinkable
powerful; convincing; persuasive; greatly influential
n potentate
monarch; sovereign
expressing possibility; latent; N: capacity for growth
dose (of liquids); liquid dose
n potpourri
heterogeneous mixture; medley; mixture of dried flower petals a pot (to give a pleasant smell to a room)
n poultice
soothing application applied to sore and inflamed portions of the body
based on experience; of or acquired through practice (rather than theory); useful; Ex. practical man
practical (as opposed to idealistic); concerned with practical worth or impact of something; Ex. pragmatic test of the skill
practical person; N. pragmatism: pragmatic way of dealing with things
s prance
move about in a spirited manner (proudly and confidently)
n prate
talk idly; speak foolishly; boast idly
n prattle
talk idly; babble; N. CF. prate
s idle
not working; not employed or busy; lazy; without purpose; useless; lacking substance; baseless; not based on truth; Ex. idle worker; Ex. talk idly; V.
introductory statement
n precarious
unsafe; lacking in stability; uncertain; risky; Ex. precarious living
something preceding in time which may be used as an authority or guide for future action; V. precede; CF. unprecedented
preceding (in time, rank, etc.)