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imagined; unreal. One of the carpal (wrist) bones, the navcular bone was given its name because of tis fancied resemblance to a boat.
extremely zeal; extreme devotion to a belief or cause. When Islamic fundamentalists demanded the death of Salman Rushdie because his novel questioned their faith, world opinion condemned them for their fanaticism. fanatic adj
hesitate. When told to dive off the high board, she did not falter, but proceeded at once.
plowed but not sowed; uncultivated. Farmers have learned thta it is advisable to permit land to lie fallow every few years
liable to err. Although I am fallible, I feel confident that I am right this time.
mistaken idea based on flawed reasoning; invalid argument. The challenge that today's social scientists face is to use computers in ways that are most suited to them without falling into the fallacy that, by themselves, computers can guide and organize the study of human society.
false; misleading. Paradoxically, fallacious reasoning does not always yield erroneous results; even tho your logic may be faulty, the answer ou get may be correct
mental or bodily powers; teaching staff. As he grew old, Professor Twiglly feared he might lose his fculties and become unfit to teach. However, while he was in full possession of his faculties, the school couldn't kick him off the faculty
handyman; person who does all kinds of work.
artificial; sham. Hollywood actresses often create factitious tears by using glycerine
inclined to form factions; causing disension. The pollsters' practice of dividng up the map of America into Red and Blue states reinforces factious feelings among Americans, who increasngly define themselves as members of one of the two major political parties
party; clique; dissension. The quarrels and bickering of the two small factions within the club disturbed the majority of the members
copy. Many museums sell facsimiles of the words of art on display
help bring about; make less difficult. Rest and proper nourishment should facilitate the patient's recovery
easily accomplished; ready or fluent; superficial. Words came easily to Jonathan; he was a facile speaker and prided himself on being ready to make a speech at a moemnt's notice
joking (often inappropriately); humorous. I'm serious about this project; i don't need any facetious, smart-alecky cracks about do-good little rich girls
small plane surface (of a gem); a side. The stonecutter decided to improve the rough diamond y providing it with several facets
front (of building); superficial or false appearance. The ornate facade of the church was often photographed by tourists, who never bothered ot walk around the building to view its other sides.
build; lie. If we fabricate the buidlings in this project out of standardized sections, we can reduce construction costs considerably. Because of Jack's tendency to fabricate, Jill had trouble believing a word he said.