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V. Subside or moderate. Rather than leaving immediately, they waited for the storm to abate.
adjective. Abnormal or deviant. Given the aberrant nature of the data we team to doubt the validity of the entire experiment.
noun. Suspended action. The deal was held in abeyance until her arrival.
V. Depart secretly in high. The teller who abscond did with the bonds went on captured until someone recognized him from his photograph on America's most wanted.
adjective. Sparing in eating and drinking; temperate. Concerned whether her vegetarians sons abstemious his diet provided him with sufficient protein, the worried mother pressed food on him.
verb. To warn; reproof. He admonished his listeners to change their wicked ways.
Admonition, noun.
verb. Make in queue or by adding inferior or tainted substances. It is a crime to adulterate foods without informing the buyer; when consumers learned that Beech nut had adulterated its apple juice by mixing the juice with water they protested vigorously.
Adulteration, N.
adjective. Artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful. The beauty of Tiffany stained-glass appeal to Alice's aesthetic sense.
Aesthete. N.
verb. Gather; accumulate. Before the Wall Street scandals, dealers in so-called junk bonds managed to aggregate great wealth in short periods of time.
Also adjective. Aggregation, now
noun. Cheerful promptness; eagerness. Phil and Dave were raring to get off to the mountains; they packed up their ski gear and climbed into the van with great alacrity.
verb. Relieved. This should alleviate the pain; if it does not, we shall have to use stronger drugs.
verb. To come buying; unite in one body. The unions will attempt to amalgamate their groups into one national body.
adjective. Unclear or doubtful in meaning. His and beat US instructions misled us; we did not know which road to take.
Ambiguity, noun.
noun. The state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes. Torn between letting her parents one moment and heating them the next, she was confused by the ambivalence of her feelings.
Ambivalent, adjective.
verb. Improve. Many social workers have attempted to ameliorate the conditions of people living in slums.