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abate (v)
to lessen in intensity or degree
accolade (n)
an expression of praise
adulation (n)
excessive praise; intense adoration
aesthetic (adj)
dealing with art
ameliorate (v)
to make better or more tolerable
ascetic (n)
one who practices rigid self-denial (esp. as an act of religious devotion)
avarice (n)
greed (esp for wealth)
axiom (n)
a universally recognized principle
burgeon (v)
to grow rapidly; to flourish
bucolic (adj)
rustic and pastoral; relating to countryside
cacophony (n)
harsh sounding; discordant
canon (n)
an established seet of principles or code of laws
castigation (n)
severe criticism or punishment
catalyst (n)
a person or thing that causes change
caustic (adj)
burning or stinging; causing corrosion
chary (adj)
wary; cautious
cogent (adj)
complaisance (n)
the willingness to comply with the wishes of others
contentious (adj)
argumentative; controversial
culpable (adj)
deserving blame
dearth (n)
smallness of quantity; scarcity
demur (v)
to question or oppose
didactic (adj)
intended to teach
discretion (n)
cautious reserve in speech; ability to make responsible decisions
disinterested (adj)
dogmatic (adj)
expressing rigid opinion based on unproved principles
ebullience (n)
exuberance; the quality of life or enthusiastic expression of thoughts and feelings
eclectic (adj)
composed of elements drawn from various sources
elegy (n)
a mournful poem (esp one lamenting the dead)
emollient (adj/n)
empirical (adj)
based on observation or experiment
enigmatic (adj)
ephemeral (adj)
brief; fleeting
esoteric (adj)
understood by few
eulogy (n)
a speech honoring the dead
exonerate (v)
to remove blame
facetious (adj)
fallacy (n)
a mistaken belief
furtive (adj)
stealthy; covert; surreptitious
gregarious (adj)
sociable; outgoing
harangue (v/n)
to deliver a pompous speech or tirade; a long pompous speech
heretical (adj)
violating accepted dogma
hyperbole (n)
exaggerated statement- often used as figure of speech
impecunious (adj)
without money;
incipient (adj)
to become apparent
inert (adj)
unmoving; sluggish
innocuous (adj)
intransigent (adj)
refusing to compromise
inveigle (v)
to obtain by deception or flattery
morose (adj)
sad; melancholy
odious (adj)
repulsive; evoking intense dislike
opaque (adj)
impenetrable by light
oscillation (n)
swinging back and forth with a steady, uninterrupted rhythm
penurious (adj)
excessively thrifty
pernicious (adj)
extremely harmful; potentially lethal
peruse (v)
to examine carefully
pious (adj)
extremely reverent
precursor (n)
one that precedes and indicates or announces another
preen (v)
to dress up; primp
prodigious (adj)
prolific (adj)
putrefy (v)
to rot; to decay and give off a foul odor
quaff (v)
to drink deeply
quiescence (n)
stillness; motionlessness
redoubtable (adj)
sanction (n/v)
authoritative permission or approval
satire (n)
a literary work that ridicules or criticizes a human vice through humor or derision
squalid (adj)
stoic (adj)
supplant (v)
torpid (adj)
dormant; lethargic
ubiquitous (adj)
urbane (adj)
vilify (v)
to defame
viscous (adj)
sticky, thick