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Abscond (v)
To depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide
Aberrent (adj)
Deviating from the norm
Alacrity (n)
Eager and enthusiastic willingness
Anomaly (n)
Approbation (n)
An expression of approval or praise
Arduous (adj)
Strenuous; taxing; requiring significant effort
Assuage (v)
To appease
Audacious (adj)
Recklessly bold
Austere (adj)
Severely simple
Axiomatic (adj)
Possessing self evident truth
Canonical (adj)
Following accepted, traditional standards
Capricious (adj)
Inclined to change one's mind impulsively
Censure (v)
To criticise severely
Chicanery (n)
Trickery; subterfuge
Connoisseur (n)
An astute judge in matters of taste
Convoluted (adj)
Disabuse (v)
To undeceive; to set right
Discordant (adj)
Disparate (adj)
Fundamentally dissimilar
Effrontery (n)
Eloquent (adj)
Expressive and articulate
Ebervate (v)
To weaken; to reduce in vitality
Ennui (n)
Dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting froom boredom or apathy
Equivocate (v)
To use ambiguous language with a deceptive intent
Erudite (adj)
Very learned; scholarly
Exculpate (v)
To exonerate; to set right
Exigent (adj)
Extemporaneous (adj)
Filibuster (n)
Intentional obstruction, esp using prolonged speechmaking to delay legislative action
Fulminate (v)
To attack loudly or denounce
Ingenuous (adj)
Artless; frank and candid
Inured (adj)
Accustomed to accepting something undesirable
Irascible (adj)
Easily angered
Laud (v)
To praise highly
Lucid (adj)
Magnanimity (n)
Quality of being generously noble in mind and heart, esp in forgiving
Martial (adj)
Associated with war and the armed forces
Mundane (adj)
Typical of the ordinary
Nascent (adj)
In the early developmental stages
Nebulous (adj)
Neologism (n)
Creation or use of new words or senses
Noxious (adj)
Obtuse (adj)
Not clear or precise in thought or expression
To anticipate and make unnecessary
Onerous (adj)
Paean (n)
A song or hymn of praise or thanksgiving
Parody (n)
A humorous imitation meant to ridicule
Perennial (adj)
Occurring repeatedly through the year or over many years
Perfidy (n)
Intentional breach of faith
Perfunctory (adj)
Cursory; done without care or interest
Perspicacious (adj)
Acutely perceptive
Prattle (v)
To babble meaninglessly
Precipitate (adj/v)
Acting with excessive impulse; to cause to happen before anticipated
Predilection (n)
Disposition in favour of something
Prescience (n)
Foreknowledge of events
Prevaricate (v)
To mislead
Qualms (n)
Recant (v)
To retract
Refute (v)
To disprove
Relegate (v)
To forcibly assign, esp to a lower position
Reticent (adj)
Quiet and reserved
Solicitous (adj)
Sordid (adj)
Sporadic (adj)
Occurring at scattered instances
Squander (v)
To waste by using irresponsibly
Static (adj)
Stupefy (v)
To baffle
Stymie (v)
To thwart
Synthesis (n)
Combination of several parts to make a whole
Torque (n)
A force that causes rotation
Tortuous (adj)
Winding; excessively complicated
Truculent (adj)
Fierce and cruel
Veracity (n)
Virulent (adj)
Extremely harmful; bitterly hostile
Voracious (adj)
Having an insatiable appetite
Waver (v)
To sway; to be undecided in opinion