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A: Without
Amoral-Neither moral nor immoral
Apathy-lack of interest or emotion
Anomaly-an irregularity
Agnositc-one who questions the existence of God
AB/ABS: Off, Away From, Apart, Down
Abduct-To take by force
Abhor-to hare, detest
Abolish-To do away with,make void
Abdicate-To renounce or relinquish a throne
Abstruse-Hard to understand;secret;hidden
AC/ACR: Sharp, Bitter
Acid-something that is sharp, sour, or ill natured
Acute-sharp at the end
Acerbic-Sour or astringent in tase; harsh in temper
Acrid-sharp or biting to the tase or smell
Acrimonious-caustic, stinging, or bitter in nature
ACT/AG: To Do; To Drive; To Force; To Lead
Agile-quick, active, lively
Agitate-to move or force into violent,irregular action
Litigate-to make the subject of a lawsuit
Prodigal-wastefully or recklessly extravagant
Synagogue-gathering or congregation of Jews
AD/AL: To, Toward, Near
Adapt-adjust or modify
Adjacent-near, close
Addict-give oneself over
Admire-to regard with wonder
Address-to direct a speech...
Adhere-to stick fast, cling
Adjoin-to be close or in contact with
Advocate-to plead in favor of
AL/ALI/ALTER: Other, Another
Alternative-possible choice
Alias-another name
Alibi-defense of accused person
Alter Ego-2nd self; substitute
Altruist-person unselfishly concerned for welfare of other
Allegory-figurative treatment of 1 subject under the guise of another
AM: Love
Amateur-person who engages in activity for pleasure
Amatory-pertaining to lovers/sex
Amenity-agreeable ways or manners
Amorous-inclined to love (sexual)
Enamored-inflamed with love
Inamorata-female lover
Amiable-agreeable personal qualities
Amicable-exhibiting good will
AMB: To Go, To Walk
Ambient-moving freely
Preamble-introductory statement
Ambassador-authorized messenger
Preambulatory-one who makes a tour of inspection on foot
AMBI/AMPH: Both, More Than 1, Around
Ambiguous-open to interpretation
ANIM: Of The Life, Mind, Soul, Spirit
Unanimous-in complete accord
Animosity-feeling of il will
Animus-hostile feeling, attitude
Equanimity-mental or emotional stability, especially under tension
Magnanimous-generous in forgiving insult or injury
Annuity-specified income payable at stated intervals
Perennial-lasting for an indefinite amount of time
Annals-record of events
ANTE: Before
Anterior-placed before
Antecedent-existing, being, or going before
Antedate-precede in time
Antebellum-before the war
Antediluvian-belonging to the period before bibilical flood
Anthropology-origins of mankind
Android-robot, mechanical man
Misanthrope-1 who hates humans
Androgynous-both male & female
Androgen-substance that promotes masculine characteristics
Anthropocentric-regarding man as central fact of the universe
ANTI: Against
Antipodal-on the opposite side of the globe
APO: Away
Apostle-12 disciples sent by Jesus to preach