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Name Five Types of Bridges
Beam, Suspension, Arch, Truss, and Cantilever
Name Three Types of Truss's
Howe, Prat, and Warren
Contrast Tension and Compression
Tension Pulls and elongates

Compression squeezes and shortens
Describe an orthographic drawing
2d drawing that shows straight on view front, top, and side
illustrate sagging and hogging forces (Draw Picture)
See Diagram 2
Name three types of joinery
Adhesive, Interlocking, Mechanical
List five reasons for bridge failure
Wind, Overload, Poor Engineering, Faigue, Erosion, Grosian
Make a diagram of an electrical circuit.
See Diagram 1
List six types of simple machines
Lever, Wheel and Axle, Pulley, Screw, Inclined Plane, Wedge
State the purose of a simple machine?
Machines use mechanical advantage to decrease the amount of energy required to accomplish work
Differentiate between kinetic energy and potental energy? Give an example for each
Kinetic energy is energy in motion (example: ball rolling)

Potental energy is stored energy waiting to be converted
(example: battery in a package)
Define Watt
A unit used to measure use of electricity
List three safety rules for the band saw
1. Wear eye protection
2. Adjust guard
3. Keep fingers 3" from blade
4. Make sure blade is tight
5. Keep fingers on top of wood
6. Turn off machine when done
List three safety rules for grinding tools
1. Wear eye protection
2. Keep material flat on surface
3. No pieces smaller than 1"
4. Use vice grips for small material
List three safety rules for drilling tools
1. Wear eye protection
2. Make sure chuck teeth grip bit securely
3. Drill slowly
4. Use vice grips for small and irregular pecies
5. Keep a support piece below
Define electricity
The movment of electrons from one atom to another
What unit is used to measure the current flow of elecricity?
Exlpain Watts Law and write the formual
The reationship between volts, watts, and amps

Justify the choice of a 10 : 1 gear ratio on a race car
A higher first number creates more speed
How would you increase the strength of an electric magnet?
Add more coils
Compare the use of a 20mm gear and a 90mm gear used in a 20:90 ratio and a 90:20 ratio
The 20:90 ratio will create more torque at a lower speed, and lower RPM

The 90:20 ratio will have decreased torque at a higher speed, and higher RPM
True or False
When using a lever the load should be closer to the pivot to make the work easier
Match the resource to the type of machine energy

Fluid Mechanical
Air Hydraulic
Effort Pneumatic
Fluid= Hydraulic
Air= Pneumatic
Effort= Mechanical
Diagram and label the four types of mehanical motion
Linear, Reciprocal, Oscilating, Rotary

See Diagram 3
Discuss static and current electricty
Both are kinetic energy in motion. Static has random movment of electrons while current has a steady consistant movment of electrons