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echar un vistazo a
(to glance at)
echar de menos a alguien
(to miss someone)
echar abajo
(to pull down)
echar la llave
(to lock)
echar el freno
(to put the brakes on)
echar a perder
(to ruin or demolish)
echarse atrás
(to back out)
echarse un novio
(to get oneself a boyfriend)
echar ganas
(to put forth much effort)
echar a suertes
(to make a decision by random means)
echar el alto
(to order someone to stop)
echar un ojo
(to watch or look at)
echar balones fuera
(to sidetrack)
echar las campanas al vuelo
(to shout out the news)
echar el cierre
(to close or shut down)
echar algo en falta
(to miss something)
echar la buenaventura
(to tell a fortune)
echar la vista atrás
(to look back)
echar por tierra
(to ruin or spoil)
echar una siesta
(to take a nap or siesta)
echar sapos y culebras
(to rant and rave)
echar una mirada
(to take a look)
echar sal
(to salt)
echar en saco roto
(to do something in vain)
echar el resto
(to go for broke)
echar un pulso
(to challenge someone, to armwrestle)
echar pestes de alguien
(to run somebody down)
echar una película
(to show a film)
echar la primera papilla
(to vomit)
echar una mano, echar un capote
(to help out, give a hand)
echar leña al fuego
(to add fuel to the fire)
echar el guante a alguien
(to catch somebody)
echar una cana al aire
(to let one's hair down)
echar una cabezada
(to nap)
echar chispas
(to give off sparks, to rant)
echar una bronca a alguien
(to tell off someone)
echar agua al vino, echar agua a la leche
(to water down)