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inhibition of MAC of the complement system increases susceptibility to what bugs?
Virulence factors of Neisseria meningitidis:
Capsule, Endotoxin (LPS; induce petechiae), IgA1 protease, Iron extraction
Media for culturing Neisseria
Thayer-Martin VCN:
Vancomycin--kills Gram (+) bugs,
Colistin--kills Gram (-) except Ness.,
Nystatin--eliminates fungi
Virulence factors for Neisseria gonorrhoeae:
Pili, Protein II, IgA1 protease
Toxins utilized by Neisseria spp.:
LPS (endotoxin)
Treatment for Neisseria spp.:
Ceftriaxone, Penicillin G, Rifampin (prophylactic)