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nocardia identification
pcr test
rhodoccus equi
gram positive, acid fast, bacilli, reverts to coccoid, oppertunist,
rhodoccus equi oppertunistic locale
aids and transplant patients
rhodococcus equi, cell location
faculative intracellular pathogen in mphages, leads to granuloma and abcesses
tropheryma whippeli disease
whipples disease--malabsorbtion syndrom of small bowel
tropheryma whippeli, lab growth
can't grow in lab
tropheryma whippeli, type of bacteria
actinomycete agent
strep habitat
skin, mucous membranes, resp tract, GI/GU tract
characteristics of streptococcus
gram post
catalase negative
must grow on sheep blood agar
facultive anerobe
antigenic grouping
enhanced by CO2
Group A strep diseases
pyrogens-pharyngitis, impetigo, cellulitus, erysipelas, scarlet fever, necretizing faciitus, rhuematic fever, gloomerular nephritis
Group B strep diseases
S. agalactiae--neonat sepsis, pnuemonia, meningitis, obgyn infections, bacteremia, uti
group C
equi, dysgalactiae
baceremia, pneumonia, endocarditis, abcesses, pharyngitis, wound infections