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Know the vocabulary:
democratic, impressment, judicial review, embargo, continental divide
Know the people:
John Marshall, Henry Clay, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Issac Hull, Sacajawea, Lewis and Clark, Thomas Jefferson, Z. Pike
Know about....
Napoleon, Marbury vs. Madison, the details of the Louisiana Purchase
Know about the...
War Hawks, Barbary pirates
What were the...
causes of the War of 1812
What were the....
...results of the War of 1812..
Who were the...
leaders in the War of 1812
Know about the battles....
...of the War of 1812.
Know about the trade....
...laws asscoiated with the War of 1812.
Know about Tecumseh's reaction to the westward movement of settlers,
and how successful his efforts were. (what a good topic for writing a few paragraphs)
Be able to explain how Jefferson tried to keep the US...
neutral when Britain and France were at war. (could this be another essay topic?)