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What is the study of outer space?
Name the dark patches on the sun's photosphere.
a high-speed stream of particles that travels outward from holes in the sun's corona
solar wind
What part of the sun is visible only during a solar eclipse?
Name the three basic types of galaxy shapes.
spiral, elliptical, irregular
stars that outline a picture in the sky
familiar shape within the constellation Ursa Major which contains the pointer stars
Big Dipper
What is the hottest region of the sun?
streams of gas erupting from the chromosphere and retuning in looplike fashion
solar prominence
spiral arms attached to a straight bar that runs through a galaxy
barred spirals
What is the force that resists motion called?
an area that contains no air
large clouds of gas and dust floating aroung in space
Name the brightest star in the night sky.
Which star is called the pole star?
What is the closest star to the earth?
the sun
Name the brightest star in the constellation Leo.
What is the brigthtest star in the constellation Perseus?
Whatimaginary line stretches from pole to pole?
axis of rotation
What is a galaxy?
a star system containing millions to billions of stars
Name the cluster with about 40 galaxies in which we find Earth.
the Milky Way
How far is the sun from earth?
93 million miles
hottest region of the sun's atmosphere
What is a pair of stars that travel together and rotate around each other as the moon does the earth?
binary star
What do you call the actual explosion of a star?
What is the part of the sun's atmosphere closest to its surface?
Be able to label the following constellations from a diagram:
Draco, Cassiopeia,
Cygnus, Southern Cross, Andromeda
Be able to discuss at least three things that make space different from the Earth's atmosphere.
no air; extremes of temperature; no air friction; weightlessness; mostly black; see text for more detail
Be able to discuss the difference between apparent magnitude and absolute magnitude.
see text p.